Lost 220 thousand ADA because of a YouTube video

Please people be aware of the video scam on YouTube about the ADA give away. Caught me in the middle of the day during work on very hectic office. I didn’t pay attention to much to details as to : chat disabled , no announcements on Twitter , and my love for ADA. I’m healthy , I have a beautiful family and 1 beautiful daughter and 1 baby on the way. So as hard as it is loosing that amount of money , the only thing left is to look forward and prevent others people to go through the same. I’ve always been extremely careful , and I got scammed. Please be wary of any give away . The world of crypto is full of great things and great scammers.


What was the pitch? Send me 220,000 and I’ll send you 440,000 back? That sucks. The only thing to do now is start over stacking ADA and spread the word about YouTube scammers. Grab a six pack of Belgian beer, you deserve it.


There is no other way. Going back to square one and buy more ADA. Two six pack of Belgian beer to wash away the pain of being the dumbest guy in the world. You can’t imagine how I feel. I would like to have these people right in front of me.


That’s a big amount of ADA, and I am sure you feel terrible. Report fraud, and maybe they can do something about it:

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ooooohhhh my god how you can do this,it means you didnt checked this forum and charles video about whe never never give away ada,man i feel sick to hear this 220k damm to much to send in 1 go transaction why o why you didnt send 1 ada to check if it was send back × 2


Hi Fernand
So sorry to hear about your situation
I’ve posted this on here before to try and help, hopefully works out for you
This Youtuber (who was also scammed) has used this company to track his fraudster

The link is to the video which explains what happened, maybe worth a watch and contact the company to see if they can help you

Link to company https://liticapital.com/

Best wishes


I know Salem. I’ve been hitting my head against the wall since yesterday - market value if I would have decided to sell those coins it was close to half a million dollars. I’m a ADA holder and I have been buying cardano from a while. I believe and like ADA. This was for my kids. which is what hurt me the most. But today is a new day and i woke up looking forward and with the mindset of building my cardano bag again.

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Hi March Two, i remember seeing this video. I will contact this people just in case. But i think on Coach k’s case he had more from where to grab on. This was just a scam video in where i sent in my coins to an address. I’ve been reading a lot , and all points out to no possible recovery. I do get it about decentralized finance and the benefits, etc etc , tracking the money down and get the bad guys will be defeating the purpose of Defi… its kind of bittersweet and ironic that crime goes unpunished and some people actually defend this because they rather maintain they posture about defi and that nobody can reach your coins. Over the years some sort of regulatory system has to be created ( through voting ) to go against this crimes or just mistakes, You can send some coins to somebody by using the wrong address. There should be a way to get those coins back and don’t just seat down and i say " i lost my money i cant recover my coins ever again " Thanks for your reply !! i will be contacting them right now and I will keep you posted.

Hope you do get some redress Fernand, good luck

Thought about this issue a few times and appreciate it wouldn’t work for everything and every situation
Wondered if, with smart contracts we could have some sort of escrow contract, with a time release on funds (obviously couldn’t be used where people are using ADA for instant transactions)

e.g. where someone is having a delivery, funds could be set into contract and when delivery is completed funds could be released

This is not going to work for every scenario and there are other protocols that could be agreed but as a rough idea it could help protect people, i.e delayed release of funds subject to agreed criteria

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I think that’s a great idea. we should be able to have an option available to sent transactions with a delayed release of funds type of timer. 5 - 10 min or upon approval of funds recieve. I would have catch that in that time frame and not get scammed.

I am really not so stupid, but it happened to me too. Couldn’t believe what I did. Now I report these assholes every time I see them on Youtube. Google doesn’t do much about it, so these videos keep popping up. It’s a shame that Google doesn’t control this.

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We all can talk endlessly about this, but the real question is: How can we medicate, or even better eliminate scams?

Becoming a scammer is very easy and it’s fast money. People with limited web design basics can pull this off. Therefore, it will always tempt individuals who are more willing to choose this dark path for whatever reason.

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What can be done is to make it easier for counter-fraud agencies like in that youtube video to trace down the stolen ADA.

If there was a tool that would easily let you trace down where ADA from address that it was sent to ended up (which is technically doable), then it would be easier to find which exchange it ended up on, and who is trying to sell it.

It would still be lot of work to trace down the original fraudster, but it would be doable. It should be left to these agencies to bring the fraudsters to the justice.

Another thing that can be done is to add more warning banners to user interfaces of tools like daedalus, so that they are warned about scams. It must be clearly said that giveaways are guaranteed to be a scam, to many people keep falling for it.


Stay strong and you will rise up again @ernand69584745

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Think about the really big issues about online privacy that are going on; which we know, almost, just the tip of the berg.

Crypto design is in itself very very hard to come through, whether it is digital or not.

This started exactly due to the authority abuse on online surveillance.

The ones who just complain probably should ask google to pay them back; 1y of online data from any of those nabs would pay the ADA (as of 2019 data became the most high caped commodity, surpassing the likes of fossil fuels and minerals/metals).

You guys must understand that as it may seem hard to lose the ADA it just should set you on a course of protect yourselves better, in any way you need, that’s all to that, f*ck the money, experience through lessons is WAY more valuable.

Start to dig the fundamentals of why cryptocurrencies had in the first place to be created; and don’t eat the “drug/pedophilia/bountys market” crap.

benjamin franklyn said: “those who trade liberty for security, deserve neither.”

Simple as that!



thanks for yuor kinds words - it makes it harder seeing ADA price right now getting close to an ATH :frowning:

Why do people fall for this?

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As humans like any other creature we are attracted to activities that are rewarded.

Misinformation, compulsion , greed. I don’t know what to say. I’m still asking myself the same question.

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I know your pain bro! Don’t worry you will be better with the time! I lost the same some ADA and now I m out of investing in cardano becouse I just miss the train at like 2.40$ I got them at 1$ so… I start investing in another crypto and let it go!

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Charles or no Charles… how can anyone do that!? Oldest saying of all:“if it sounds to good to be truth, then it probably isn’t”. If I live thousand years I will not understand how somebody can send their crypto like that. Hit me in the head, but such fact will not go in. Or at least to send small amount first, but to go “all in” mode, I’m dizzy just thinking about it.
That being said, I was reporting those videos for 2-3 months. I wrote such horrible things I wouldn’t even call a dog such names. Nothing happened! I did it over and over again like a madman, probably over 20 times for all so called giveaways by Elon, Vitalik, Charles, etc. At the end, Youtube and Google are greatest scammers of all. They are responsible as much as the guy, if not more.