Charles Hoskinson Giving away 100mill ADA?

Did anyone else get in on this?

[Link removed by @Napoles]

Let me know your thoughts? I haven’t tried it yet!

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Cardano don’t host any giveaways. Every giveaway is a scam.
Be carefull!

Thanks I thought so! This looked pretty believable though.

Yes they are looking very well and many people also fall for it. If you find such videos or websites you can report them to the Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau


I lost 5k Cardano :frowning:

i lost 2k ADA

I’m pretty sure I feel for this scam today. Feel like an idiot!! is there anyway to get this money back at all?

No @matttmay, there isn’t.



Thanks for the reply. Starting the rebuild immediately. Costly lesson.

Every lesson comes with a cost.

Rules of the game! :stuck_out_tongue: