Sent 2,000 ADA to CardanoLive2021 but didn't get anything back, help

Sent 2,000 ADA to CardanoLive2021 but didn’t get anything back, not sure what to to do,

Very sorry to tell you, but you have been scammed. Scammers put up hundreds of scam videos and web sites every day. This is way faster than they can be taken down.

Basically, it it sounds too good to be true, its almost certainly not true. Crypto is supposed to be trustless, but you trusted the scammers.

thanks, now it makes sense, damm, feel really stupid, it looked so real
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The world “giveaway” gives away the fact that it is a scam.

This scam has been happening since at least February. eg Cardano giveaway (there is no!)

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Poor you. You have been scammed.:((

Pls Beware All !!! Once it’s gone it’s gone period !!!

Total Scam but u r not alone l looked it up & it does look real but never give anyone crypto in exchange for double unless it’s an exchange like Coinbase where ur money doubled because of the market lol here is the one l just looked at it does look legit & says LIVE !