I lost almost $6000 in this cardano video scam. I got this giveaway event notification by itself on my youtube. It looks geniune.

I dont really understand, how it was running on youtube in large scale, so many people are getting ripped off.

I definetely made a mistake but this is very painfull, this is like my 8 month saving and it went like in air.

Someone with some expertise may able to trace this.

Please help if possible as I am in so much stress

This is the address that I am getting on cardano scan


Transaction hash ID


Hi, unfortunately, your ADA is gone. You can report it to YouTube and the police but that will not bring you much peace. Sorry for your loss and the stress it has caused you.

Look like your scammed/stollen cardano was sent to someone that stakes there ADA in Sunshine stake pool

Thanks but is there any chance or way to get it back, as I am totally clueless on this

At the moment I don’t think there is anyway to get it back. Someone needs to be putting pressure on these companies that these scammers send the scammed Ada to.
The ADA developers would have to know where these are going. Easy to trace and they should be doing more about these type of scams.

I also reported this to Cyber crime but I dont think they will do anything because my amount is not enough for them to look into it but this is big loss for me.

Hi @rickb ,

I am really so sorry for your loss. Please read this topic:

Once more, DO NOT FALL FOR A SCAM (Youtube, unofficial Daedalus/Yoroi wallet, Twitter, etc.)

  • “You DO NOT get something for NOTHING
  • “Use your COMMON SENSE
  • “If you give YOUR money to SOMEONE else, they WILL NOT GIVE IT BACK

@andreassosilo Thanks for your reply and you are right “No ONE get something for Nothing” but that vides was playing under Cardano ADA banner and it is easy for new people to get trapped.

It was my mistake and loss, cant blame any one.

Just one of the hardest lesson for my life in this diffcult time.

I can only pray to lord, who ever did this to me or other people, will suffer his or her karma as well because this was my hard earn money.

I saved after so much efforts and I have faith on lord.

The justice from God is delivered without pronouncements