Feeling heart broken

I had my ADA stored on an Exodus wallet and began to stake it. Upon trying to ‘Claim’ the rewards it says pending for a few days and now the tokens are gone.

This was 3 years of accumulating and was nearly my entire savings. Any idea of what could be happening here?! Truly feeling crushed at the moment, there is no history of the coins being sent out and they were just there last night!

That’s actually a good sign! Maybe it’s just a glitch with Exodus.

Can you check your wallet on cardanoscan.io by searching one of your addresses there?

It should show your balance under “Controlled Total Stake” (the balance shown above is only the balance on that specific address).

Unfortunately, Exodus seems to be incompatible with all usual Cardano wallet apps, so you can only wait for the glitch to be resolved (if it is just a glitch and your ADA are there on the chain).

Or contact Exodus’ support.

Exodus is it’s own wallet and as HeptaSean said is not compatible with Cardano. I used to use Exodus, staked my ADA in it. I liked it because it has a nice interface but I was concerned it was a close-sourced wallet and I also wasn’t sure why you can readily exchange your ADA to another token which means it’s a bit like a hybrid wallet and exchange. I decided to move all my funds to Daedalus and I did remember collecting the staking took a bit of time and extra fee as well. But it didn’t take more than a few minutes. I hope it’s just a glitch but I suggest contacting the support team. Since this is a proprietary wallet, I would assume it will have good support.

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So sorry to hear about this.

I have very limited experience with Exodus, so I can’t help too much. The steps @HeptaSean gave is sound advice, and its pretty much exactly what I would do. Go to a block explorer and do some detective work to see if the coins are still on your wallet address.

Also, take some deep breaths and stay calm. If you didn’t authorize the removal of coins from your wallet, its highly unlikely that Exodus stole your funds. Its possible that there is a bug on Exodus that may take some time to be resolved. If your keys are safe, your coins shouldn’t have moved.

Feel free to ask if you need additional help using a block explorer like cardanoscan to investigate further.

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