Hi, looking to set up a staking pool

Hi there. I am new to the Cardano Forum but I have been a long time fan of ADA and the excellent team in Charles and IOHK. I want to run the staking pool, and I believe I have the capabilities required to do so. How can I get more information in regards to the following topics:
-the necessary coding knowledge required to run a stake pool competently
-hardware requirements and server cost
-any technical knowledge.

Also if anyone would like to form a partnership in this endeavour please message me. Thanks!


Thereโ€™s no official info yet released on all of these points, since the staking system itself is still in development. But you can check out list of known pools, and watch what they are doing at this point or what info they provide, or maybe who to contact to clarify any questions: List of Cardano / ADA staking pools

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