How hard would it be

to start a staking pool without any computing skills.

what languages do you recommend I learn?

because I have a great name for a staking pool and I want to do it before someone else takes it.


I don’t know the details, but good question. Are you planning on reserving a URL?

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Sorry to contradict @rickymac but I very much doubt whether having a great name is a good enough reason to try to start a pool, with no computing skills. Maybe get together with someone who has the skills but not a name? :smile:


I think there is time to learn the skills if running a pool is something you really want to do, but it might benefit you to get together with someone that can already understand how to do it, a pool would need the maximum amount of uptime as possible to be effective for staking so it is key that it is done properly.
So did you reserve a URL?


You didn’t contradict me. I just said it was a good question “what languages do you recommend I Iearn?” everybody needs to start somewhere and have a motivation.

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The information technology (computing) discipline that applies to building and running computer servers is called systems engineering. It is not necessary to know any programming language for that.

It does require working knowledge of Linux operating system and networking software. These days understanding of basic cloud infrastructure is also almost essential if you are going to setup and maintain a serious (24/7) service like a stake pool. AFAIK, from various discussions in the forum, running a stake pool may also require running a bunch of relay nodes.

So at least being able to setup and maintain a small cluster of servers for 24/7 service is what will be required.


no but i did make these cool gifs

if you want to take the name and give me a cut for what you make, feel free to do so. haha


nope i did not.

As you are just starting out you don’t have to break any bad habits, go with NixOS Linux as it is the standard for Cardano.


Quite the steep learning curve you present there :smile: but i agree, you should use NixOS.

Maybe pivot towards NixOS from a more userfriendly linux distro if you are completely new to linux.

PS: It would be wise to abstain from learning linux on a production machine. You will thank me if you ever find yourself in dependency hell or break your distribution. VM’s and snapshots are your friends in the beginning.



For anyone who is interested in starting a staking pool

What is your interest? what you want to learn?