Why do I need to understand programming to operate a stakepool?

Hi guys! Why do I need to understand programming to operate a stakepool? Is it not possible only to buy a computer with certain characteristics, install specific Cardano software, leave the machine on 24 hours, have the necessary ADA to stake and let the network automatically use the available computing power according to your needs? Is it difficult to do that?

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Others succedded, u can try; but u need to know how to operate/secure/maintaining a linux server



It is of course quite easy to setup a Cardano stake pool. You would however also want to understand the math behind the reward mechanism and even more importantly what to do when your nodes need an update or your monitoring tells you that something is not quite running as it should.

The latter requires solid IT skills, especially when folks entrust their precious rewards to you. After all, they assume that you know what you’re doing and also that you know what to do in times of (IT) crisis.

Just delegating is not such a bad option, when you consider the effective cost of owning a pool.

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Thanks for listening. My ADAs are under delegation. If it were easy, someone would have thought, is not? But I asked this question to provoke brilliant minds to make things easier. How I use Windows and I don’t know programming … In future, perhaps an AI can do the job … :slightly_smiling_face: