Generic question regarding stake pool operation

Hello, I just had a question about being a stake pool operator. I’ve been working through the stake pool school on Cardano and I’m just curious. How much free time does a person need to be able to run a stake pool? i work 4 days a week for about 5-7 hours per day. I wasn’t sure if that would impede my ability to run an effective node.

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With proper sysops + devops management in management, you shouldnt have to login to manage technical side of things at all (except for maintainance/updates and keeping up) - ofcourse, there is no rule here. Some folks end up spending days to even set up a pool, others might do it in 5 minutes and switch to monitoring (action-on-alert) mode.

But ‘marketing’ on the other hand is completely seperate topic that’s personal to every SPO. :slightly_smiling_face:


does this mean you have to have a computer that is always on? or is it up as long has you have your AWS server running?

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AWS is up as long as you pay, usually you use SSH to connect to a server, if you host linux on a dedicated PC, it needs to be on as much as possible (All the time). If you host a VM on your own computer that you use you will need to keep that computer on.

Nodes require to be up as much as possible for the support of the Cardano Blockchain.

do you get “stake pool operation rewards” even you don’t have delegators at start?