Looking to open a stake pool

I am looking to create a stake pool and run this as an operator would.

I wanted to reach out and aks anyone, if they have done this and their thoughts?

Such as cost? Marketing? and finding new deligators.

I am thinking of giving majority operator rewards to Chairty after costs are taken for running the pool. Deligators will still get rewards, the money given to chairty will be taken from the operator rewards. If any blocks are given to us.

the amount we are starting off is 300k ada with 5 deligators.

I would love to hear from other SPO’s

You need several things to start a staking pool. Some of them can be managed by anyone (Social media, marketing, promotions…etc), and some very important things can only be managed by a strong technical person. That means before getting into this, you need to have a pure understanding of Linux: How to run, maintain, secure, and configure the server…etc.

You also need more than 1 server. For example, I use 5 different servers to run my staking pool (1 for the website, 1 as block producer, 2 as relay servers, and 1 cold environment). If the servers go offline or have poor quality, the pool will be useless and won’t mint any blocks, hence no rewards. So you need to keep this on your mind before going forward with this. Lowest amount of required servers are 2.

Feel free to check my staking pool “Cardano Reserve System” to learn more. It’s still new, around 1 month old, but it will give you a better idea about what to expect.

Good luck!