What will I need to start a stake pool

Hello there,

I am a Cardano investor since last year and I would like to start my own stake pool. My questions will be one by one so please answer them in order. Thanks in advance.

  1. What equipment would I need to start one?
  2. What is the price tag of the equipment?
  3. How much money or how big the budget should be?
  4. How many technical skills do I need?
  5. How much time per day it consumes to maintenance it?

If I have any other question I will get back. Thanks again!

Welcome @Lule.29,

  1. Minimum 2x AMD or Intel machines, with at least 2 cores, 8GB of RAM, and at least 24GB of free disk space.
  2. A lot of operators choose a cloud service, it’s really personal preference.
  3. Personally I am running Relays in 3 locations worldwide with DDoS protection which increases cost but makes for a much more bullet-proof stake pool.
  4. Server administration skills, for operation and maintenance. Operational skills to run and maintain a Cardano node. I would also recommend DevOps and Web Development skills to run the stake pool’s website, etc.
  5. Cardano nodes run continuously, 24/7/365. Whatever it takes to keep that status quo. It’s also important to keep the nodes updated to the latest version.


I think 10G is to less

Minimum 25G was the recommendation but u will need much more

Could you please tell me about the details I mentioned above? I hope I can do around 40-45G max in a few months so that is no problem for now.

But, the network growing up fast so u will need more space available… 40-45 will be at limit; my recomnendation minimum 80G

Also u will need more than 4G ram i would say… minim 6G


PS: it will work will 4g ram also but u could have issues when u are trying for example to interogate the ledger, etc

Minimum System Requirements

  • An Intel or AMD x86 processor with two or more cores, at 1.6GHz or faster (2GHz or faster for a stake pool or relay)
  • 4GB of RAM (8GB for a relay or stake pool)
  • 10GB of free storage (20GB for a stake pool)