System requirements for relays and pool

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I hope this finds you well. I have recently upgraded the infrastructure for the pool I’m running. This was done to future proof the systems and exceed the minimum system requirements. But what are these minimum requirements?

I don’t wish to kick the hornet’s nest, but I find the information available a tad confusing. Some places talk about 2 CPUs and 4GB RAM, some others 4 CPUs and 8GB RAM. SSD space is even more broad, ranging from 24GB to 256GB.

I went somewhere in the middle with 4 CPUs, 16GB RAM and 60GB SSD. I find the cost of running this set up quite high (this is not a winge) and I wonder if it is necessary at the moment.

Does anyone wish to contribute their opinions on this matter?


Adrem [RABIT]

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following on the same, wrote a post a couple days ago and hanswurst give some nice feedback

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Your configuration is more than OK, don’t worry!



hi @Rodrigoi and @Alexd1985,

thank you both for your thoughts, I will hold on to my configuration for now!

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Adrem [RABIT]

In the StakePool course they said minimum 2 cores and 4GB RAM. The RAM is mostly needed for building the node; for running it, 1GB would be sufficient. The storage is minumum 10GB. But in the course they used 24GB.