How many relay nodes do i need to run a Cardano stakepool?

I am trying to start a stake pool for Cardano at my home with some old pcs.
I have One core node pc and one relay nodes pc but i am planning to expand it and like to know, how many relay nodes or pcs do i need to make a very good stake pool ? I can add more 2-3 pcs.
and do i need very good processors for the nodes or older ones will be ok ? for my present setup, each of the nodes has, i5 4790 processors with 8GB rams and 240ssd . I have 1Gigabit internet but only 50mbps upload speed but download speed is more than 980mbps. so, does 50mbps download speed enough? and my router has a very good firewall and do i need to, buy some firewall hardware?
Thanks in advance.

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A solid infrastructure should consist of one Validator and min 2 Relays.
8GB is currently OK. Mind defining some Swap space to be save.
Check the minimum Requirements for the current Release here:: Releases · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub

IOHK also states network requirements: Stake Pool Minimum System Requirements – IOHK Support

Most of the pools are running on Virtual Environments somewhere in the cloud. Having some on machines in personal houses is good for decentralization, but please keep in mind that you have some challenges to solve yourself like UPS, Network Availability, Upgradeability if RAM requirement increases in the future, Backup/Snapshot.

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Since you just starting into the topic maybe you find my Post about the non-technical Aspects of getting a SPO interesting: Cardano Stakepool Operator Considerations
It’s quite new and I’m collecting feedback. So would be cool if you find something hard to understand please let me know :slight_smile:

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1 relay node is enough.
Then that relay will connect to other public relays.

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I agree with @laplasz, you would technically only need to start with 1 relay. I still see some pools using a single relay.

Having more relay provides availability in case one node goes down.


Yeah, but probably they had another 1-2 working as private relay :wink:

It’s a good practice

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