Question about running stake pool

Hello guys!

Iam a guy who loves Cardano project and hav been following it for more than 1 year now, I got some friends invested along with me in some coins. Now we would like to start our own stake pool.

I’ve watched alot of guides and courses. But nowhere could i find anyone creating a stake pool on a PC.

My question is for example, can i run 2x relay and 1x node in with ubuntu virtual box? So we dont need to pay AWS for example. Or is it a must to have an external server from a server provider like AWS?

Yes u can, but u will need ~30G ram for all 3 nodes because each node will use ~8G of RAM

How would you hide your blockproducer with such a setup? All VMs would share the same external IP…

The bp only sees the relays. Split the ports, but keep the port for the bp closed on the Internet facing firewall and restricted to the relays with a ufw rule. One can do more than that, but that would suffice. :slight_smile:

relay-1 port 11111
relay-2 port 22222
bp port 33333, only open to relays

One can do that. But why should i bother having two relays in the first place, if they’re running on the same hardware anyways? Same goes for BP. I understand the intention, but this setup does only make sense from the financial point of view.