Need suggestions from experienced pool runners

Hi community,
I am very happy that I am go through all the lessons for stake pool operations in testnet. And now I am about to start my own stake pool. Just before starting it. I have few doubts and questions.

  1. I am planning to run 2 relay node and 1 core node. I have a pc with average specifications(4gb RAM, quad core). So can I use aws for relay nodes and my own pc for core node and can more than 1 core node can be set-up for better results?

  2. What is the best practice to run pool 24/7. What is the best practice to run my pc 24/7.

Hi Veer,

Yeah you can use AWS for relays and your home pc for a block producer, but I would recommend dedicating it just for that purpose. I would also recommend NOT running more than one core node as dual implementations of the same core node will create adversarial forks which will be punished in the near future.

As for running a pool 24/7 you will need to ensure your machines always have redundant hardware, power and connectivity. This is far more easily achieved using datacenter/cloud services such as AWS. Also, you will want to configure firewalls, utilize password-protected SSH keys, and setup your nodes to run as systemd services so it will restart itself if it dies. You will likely also want to implement health monitoring - most of these will require a baseline (at min) in linux sysops experience.

There are tons of nuggets of great information in this forum regarding security and many of the things I mentioned - so definitely take some time to learn.

Your friend, FROG.

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Thanks frog🐸
I can definately explore the forum more.
Is there any post u recommend or any other source of technical requirement that u have recommended to follow?
As I do not know much about systemd services, Linux sysops etc.

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Here’s a run-through in advance of most things that you would be doing on Linux. I haven’t seen many recommendations in the Cardano forum along these lines, but this one is popular in general & comprehensive in my opinion. If you learn as much of it as possible before you start, the rest of the job of creating & running the stake pool will be a lot easier & safer :heart_eyes: