Separate Relay Node and BP Node

I try to install stakepool. So I got the guide from Bigpey. (Thanks a lot)

However at the end of video I see that he use the same server to run relay node and bp node. My question is should we install everything again from the begining in relay node? so we will have cabal, cardano,etc in relay node, and only tweak the topology, genesis, and config file?
and any sample of topology, genesis and config file for the relay node?

I just got confirmation regarding relay node. I’ve join the telegram for stakepool. And got info from Mr. Adam. That we should copy the whole system for relay node.
And for the config, topology and genesis json file. I’m still working on it.
Hopefully this will help any stakepool that want to setup a seperate node between relay node and bp.

I’d suggest setting up two relays and one core/block producing node… al on separate machines or VM instances. Do this for security and protecting your core/BP from being overly exposed to the internet. One of the easiest setup guides and scripts is from Guild Operators: If you eventually intend to use their cntools on your core/BP to do transactions, wallet creation, pool maintenance, then using their setup makes future proofing your setup so much easier.