RAM minimum requirements for Mary fork?


With the numbers of transactions increasing every epoch and Mary fork comming in march…do you think the official minimum hardware requirements (RAM) for relays and cores should be raise from 4 Gb to 8 Gb ?

The new cardano-node 1.25.1 seem to need a bit more power.

There is actualy 4 529 relays on Cardano network and 774 are offline…it’s near 20% offline. I think to avoid more offline relays, IOHK should quickly raise minimum hardware requirements.

I planned to upgrade my servers next week.

What do you think ?
Are you ready for Cardano March Madness ?

Luc [LvLUp]

I’m surprised that no one has answered this yet. The minimum RAM requirements for the relays and BP is actually at 8GB, especially if you have a lot of peer connections. While you can run with 4GBs, it doesn’t leave much room and I’ve had a few relays go down because of it. Typically the relays on AOAUS will use around 5GB.


My Producer


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@Alexd1985 That’s definitely not a minimum for a block producer and more a future proof setup :slight_smile: I run ADATools.io and just 1 node with 8 cores and 16GB of RAM can easily handle 800,000 queries plus cardano-node syncing in 24 hours. 8GB of RAM at this point for any BP or relay is more than enough.

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U mean this? :sunglasses:


For me the SSD speed (most servers with SSDs don’t go much beyond 5000 IOPS) and high availability / live migration justify the costs. :slight_smile: So far my BP has gone through 3 hardware failures and was “migrated” with no down time.

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