Bump in memory in 1.31.0

50% increase in memory requirements for 1.31.0. Hard to run on Raspberries and similar now, also quite a bump in cost for SPO’s.

I have to move one relay from a NUC to something else and so on.

Wasn’t good news, I think.

Minimum System Requirements

  • An Intel or AMD x86 processor with two or more cores, at 1.6GHz or faster (2GHz or faster for a stake pool or relay)
  • 12GB of RAM
  • 20GB of free storage

I think it will use same RAM as 1.30.0
now I just installed the 1.31.0 and it looks the same (RAM usage)

I’m running it for 9 days already and did not see any obvious difference in memory usage. They only adjuted the requirements to reality :slight_smile:

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Yes right, but that also mean they officially acknowledge the bigger RAM need. So in the future that might become a more tangible reality.

You can still run 1.31.0 just fine on 8GB (Raspberry Pi4, NUC, or whatever else). Make sure you tweak your RTS/GC accordingly:

+RTS -N -M7.2g -A16m -n1m -O512m -T -I0 -c50 -qb0 -RTS