Cardano node 1.30.1 ARM64 (aarch64) compiled binaries

As for every release please find here the free to download binaries for 1.30.1 on ARM architecture (aarch64).
GHC used is version 8.10.7 from last august.

1.30.1 cardano-cli
1.30.1 cardano-node

As usual it still needs libsodium, unchanged if you were already using it, but available here if you are new to this. (check my other posts for more details).

Libsodium aarch64

Enjoy, and if you feel like thanking us you can delegate few ADA to [MADA1]

PS: I know some people will insist you need more than 8G memory, but with proper tuning of Haskel you can run perfectly fine under 8G. Haskel version 9 should bring improvements on that matter. Check the forum for this, there is a fantastic post by @_2072


Very interesting to see support for ARM64 architecture. I can’t wait to try this out on my Raspberry Pi :grin:

Happy to help. We have been running on the binaries we distribute free to all pool owners since the start of the pool.
We are not running on raspberry Pi though :wink:

You could have a look at this. Running cardano-node on a Pi4 is a easy as this …

Thanks, Tom!