Cardano Node 1.33.0 ARM64 (aarch64) compiled binaries

Yarrrrh again sailors of the crypto seas !:pirate_flag:

As for every release please find here the free to download binaries for 1.33.0 on ARM architecture (aarch64).
GHC used is version 8.10.7 from last august (no more update on v8 since then)

1.33.0 cardano-cli
1.33.0 cardano-node

As usual it still needs libsodium, unchanged if you were already using it, but available here if you are new to this. (check my other posts for more details).

Libsodium aarch64

Enjoy, that’s our share of the loot, from the [PIRAT] pool !

I know that some privateers will come on this post promoting their container distribution. Real pirates respect the code and don’t use “letter of marques” :wink:
We are not challenging that their build is most probably great, but we also keep in mind that:

  • It’s good to promote your solution, but less elegant to hijack someone else post.
  • there is a risk involved in downloading someone else compiled ninary (ours included !).
  • there is an even bigger risk in downloading someone else container
    • if you are using container building your own shouldn’t be a big deal and we would favor this.
  • We don’t promote one way of using binaries (bare metal, virtual, cloud, raspberry pi, container etc …) but we distribute this to everyone and understand that everyone needs and skills are different but complementary.

Enjoy and let us know if improvements are necessary.

Sail safely ! :pirate_flag:


Thanks I got it working! Now just waiting to see if node will boot up. Do you do anything special with the Libsodium files? Or just copy them to /home/user/git/bin/libsodium/

Hi @kaverne, will you be posting the 1.34.1 ARM64 binaries soon? :grin:

Yes sorry, I’ll do it today


I’ll wait for you, thanks already.

sincerely sorry for the delay.
the new post have been published

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