Cardano Node 1.34.1 ARM64 compiled binaries

Yarrrrh again sailors of the crypto seas !:pirate_flag:

As for every release please find here the free to download binaries for 1.34.1 on ARM architecture (aarch64).
GHC used is version 8.10.7 from last august (no more update on v8 since then)

1.34.1 cardano-cli
1.34.1 cardano-node

As usual it still needs libsodium, unchanged if you were already using it, but available here if you are new to this. (check my other posts for more details).

Libsodium aarch64

In those difficult periods on the crypto seas, the [PIRAT] pool hopes it will warm your heart and fill your souls.

We are also very sorry about the late distribution. Our crew forgot to publish that the loot was ready.

Enjoy and let us know if improvements are necessary.

Sail safely ! :pirate_flag:


thanks for this!

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Thanks man!

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Much appreciated!

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no problem guys, our pleasure really

thanks for this present. haha

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Still no new version, but I can feel the Cardano wind coming, raise the sail and get ready for some action !

ARRRRRHHHH ! :pirate_flag: