Uh oh - i'm falling down the rabbit hole - Oregon

It all started last summer when my 80 yr old father asked me what bitcoin was. I hadn’t looked at it since 2013 - and whoa… how things had changed.

Settled on Cardano in early December as my primary investment in the space and have yet to see any reason that was not a brilliant idea. :slight_smile: I’m so impressed with the thoughtful leadership this team has and the quality of the community around it.

I have an Engineering/Software/MBA background and currently run my own SAAS business. I want to contribute so put me to work.



Welcome! I’m new to crypto also, so I can’t put you to work. I can point you to the developers section of the forum though. I’m sure you’ll find something there to get into. https://forum.cardano.org/c/developers

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I would gladly put you to work! :wink:
Welcome to the forum!
Like you, I feel a need to contribute, my skills are less likely to be used in the crypto sphere very soon so I do the little I can and offer the community the little bit that I have, you sir probably have a mass amount of skill that could be utilized with your ambitious attitude that show’s through and I hope that you find reward in contributing to the project, hope to see you around!

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Welcome! My favorite Tiki mug maker is from the Portland area.

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Welcome to the forum @papa_carp :sunglasses:! I’m interested in what SaaS you are currently running, if you have a website, would you mind providing the community with a link?

Cheers :wink:

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Welcome @papa_carp Mike! :slight_smile:

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Hi Mike. I noticed your contributions to Cardano Wiki and wanted to say, despite some being eliminated in subsequent changes, you are very welcome there!



Sure. www.zenshows.com

we help companies with remotely managed staff that sell into large retailers in USA and Canada. Thanks for asking!

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Thank you. I did the storage (ledger status) parts too - but those didn’t get correlated to my name. Please let me know what areas you would like me to flesh out more! :slight_smile:

Is it possible you weren’t logged in when you did the storage parts? I don’t know why else your name wouldn’t be attached.

What areas next? Whatever you feel inclined to do – there is plenty of scope! :grin: