I am not a Dev but want to help the community maybe collaborate on a Project?

Hi, I am a MASSIVE fan of the Cardano project, its mission and its values.

I really want to be an active contributor to this community but i am not an Dev or a hardcore serious investor.

What i am is an agile professional with a deep background in emerging and coaching high performing teams :face_vomiting: that sounds like its straight off my CV but the annoying thing is its true, I love what I do i just hate the way I do it!

I am sick selling my life in 8hr blocks that get bundled up into a monthly paycheck chunks to organisations that just want to “optimise delivery”.

I am not a technical person but i love working in teams and I couldn’t think of anything better then working with a group that is working to a higher Goal I am interested in DeFi and the societal empowerment that comes with decentralisation.

If anyone needs any help with anything you think i could help with please reach out


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Hi @DaymanFighterAH . Welcome to Cardano forum. Hope we can grow together with Cardano community :+1:

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sent you a LinkedIn invite. here is a talk on the project.

Thank you @UnDaoDu i will check it out

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