Introducing myself, and my project

I’ve been holding Ada for quite some time, joined relevant Cardano-related reddit and subreddit, favorited cardano-related websites and 3 years and a few days later, I just found this board…

Anyways, I am Mike, founder of Ministry of Cardano - A website about Cardano and Cardano ecosystem news and updates.

Hope to learn more from you guys here.


Welcome Mike!

This forum is full of information that is super useful.

Glad to have you here!



Thank you :slight_smile:

my pleasure! I’m so happy to see you in there!

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I am new to this forum as well.
I have submitted a proposal on the Catalyst, and would love to connect with people who can give me insights or feedback to my proposal

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Welcome Legrand to the forum!

Thank you @MX_Lai