New project looking to hire developers!

Name: Collective
Description: The crowdfunding platform for blockchain. Bringing the next generation of Cardano blockchain projects to life.

We are looking for developers to help build and manage the project.
Project scope: Think Kickstarter, but for blockchain related projects & all transactions are recorded on the Cardano blockchain.
Paid or voluntary: Eventually paid


Hello @nickechols,

I hope you are doing well.

We can help you and provide you the development support for your needs.

My name is Dhruval Kamdar, a Chief executive officer from Stalwart Info.

Stalwart info Is an IT Company with a team of 22 people based in India. We do work as an Outsourcing partner and provide dedicated Resources to the clients on their needs.

Here you can check us out:

We have recently working with one NFT marketplace based on Cardano and we are working on implementing smart contracts on that NFT Marketplace platform.

Besides this, we have working experience with ETH, Algo, Polygon, Bsc, Solana, and other chains as well. also, we can integrate Multichain features on your app in near future.

We would love to discuss this with you this opportunity

Here is My email: dhruval@

Looking forward to hearing form you.

Dhruval k