When will Cardano do marketing?


We can market what is being built. Put the meme out there. Imbed Cardano into social consciousness as a system that is rebuilding Trust. We can get the momentum started.

Forget about the details for now. Now is the time to implant the blockchain meme into the general public.


I like it.


Are you a marketing professional? If so I recommend another job, no offense, but you obviously know nothing about marketing.


“Dude what do you mean?”… Uh, “dude”, what I mean is what I said.
"Like you can literally go and watch any of Charles’s AMAs which all get thousands of views. Firstly, thousands hardly make any difference when it comes to marketing when you are targeting billions.

“What would you LIKE TO SEE from a marketing standpoint?!?”… Well, lots of marketing targeting potential audiences that would support Cardano… how about just for example they market their roadmap and potential for the future and what they have done in other Countries? Like say what this link explains? https://ethereumworldnews.com/cardano-ada-expansion-is-not-relaxing-africa-and-asia, and how about bragging about the numerous Peer Reviewed Papers and verified sound science as barely touched upon in this article, https://www.investinblockchain.com/cardano-breakthrough-crypto-interoperability, but explained more in other articles…

Or how they are designing a “better wheel” that interoperates with other systems and coins etc, or how they are putting out hundreds of ATM’s in Japan soon or how they started and got to where they are and why what they chose Haskell, (which alot of people still have no clue but Charles explained it fully recently and it’s all good) or touting about how many geniuses are working on the project in multiple Countries etc etc etc… just to name a scant few things but there are literally hundreds more.

“Or hell go to charles/IOHK/EMURGO and lay out your plan to market for them and tell them why you can add lots of value to the project and then they will pay you to do it if they believe that it is as valuable as you tell them it is” I am.


Thanks for the constructive input. Very helpful.

I’m an ideas guy, and I am bringing forward an idea to place Cardano within the consciousness of society. The demographic is EVERYONE. Do you understand the scope of this project? I’m not interested in the details at this point.


The average person doesn’t give a rats ass about the tech. You have to touch people at an emotional level, not an intellectual one. The notion of trust, and how we have all lost trust in all institutions, is an emotionally charged issue. We pique interest and let people research the details about the project themselves.



People like a stories. I think we have a good one with Cardano.


I want to help write that story.


I want tell story about man with Lambo. For example peoples like things, #moon #lambo #mooning #adahit20$ #cardanomillionaires #adacrushETHBTC ect…


Ha! I have to say the Charles as Crypto Jesus holding the Lambo is one of my all time favorites. Cracks me up every time I see it.


I think this is an interesting position to be in, and I’ve shifted my stance as I read more and think more about it.

In the end, you market a service or product. To consumers, that’s what you market, by showing how useful and valuable it will be for them to have it

We don’t quite have that yet. What we have is amazing ‘partial products’.

What we have is a superior team, superior ingredients/components and arguably a superior recipe (or process). It’s hard to sell ‘what you are ‘going to have’ (in the future).

This is our market place now. What could and should be talked about is what is the problem and why do they (the consumer) need it (our solution to it).

It’s too technical for the lay person, as it’s a systematic problem (that imho) most don’t understand the causes of.

You can market solutions when ppl understand the problem and feel that something should be done about it.

It’s all about ‘who’ is your audience now . I think it’s selling the concept to supporters ,participants and investors. I think that’s where we are.

The enthusiasm is correct. Knowing where we are in that cycle is key to success.

It’s easy to take for granted we already understand about what we are doing here. No one has to sell me on this idea.

But, that’s not the vast majority. They don’t have this understanding and that’s the product we need to get = the masses understanding this situation correctly and why what we are doing is correct.

That’s my 2 cents.


Yea, I think that’s right.

Also people tend to look at what other crypto projects are doing, then shout “why arn’t we doing X”, but that may be a mistake, because a) the project is in a different place and b) some projects raised a great deal of money. Some of the projects which raised very much money are effectively “bribing” developers to build on their platform. If you google, you will see what I mean. And if you have oodles of cash, that’s fine; but if you don’t, it’s a waste imho.


I keep seeing people who say many people who are interested in crypto have never heard of Cardano. If we simply put the name out there and have people associate it with a positive emotion we are succeeding.


Yes it is true. I believe Cardano is probably one of the most underrepresented and most ‘boring’ (meaning that’s how people feel about it currently if they do look into it only a tiny bit.) and we need to change that perception in peoples heads. When there is a cardano meetup people should be hyped to go attend. (Currently ‘hosting’ one where nobody is showing up. RIP. Will updated if someone shows up lol. But I dont think I will have to do that.)

Its what ever. But point is that people do not have any idea what it is. Half the meetup group is old women who think its a form of meditation or yoga lol! So we must do some work to paint a lovely and exciting picture in everyone’s mind about what cardano is.

Lets do it guys!


I think you’re right, generally. But I think for longevity and sustainability of interest it has to be rooted in clarity of purpose. This is what we need to instill.

The vast public are incentivized by money and personal gain. It’s a mob mentality and (imho) it’s orchestrated to be that way.

In the short term the price is not my concern. We need to educate the new people on why this is so important. I’m floored by how many really smart and provident people have been attracted to this project.

Education, not promotion (I think) is the starting place; and while we are working towards a finished product in Cardano, we can walk people up to understanding and cognition.

Until ppl see Cardano as standing above other projects (and why), - and not monetarily only, we won’t realize the gain that we should.


Okay, this is what I’m talking about.

We all know what Blockchain technology represents. We know Cardano is going to make it through the bubble. This is BIG. We need to start thinking BIG. We need to start taking chances.

The Apple 1984 Super Bowl commercial is considered to be the best commercial ever made. Considering where Apple was at that point in time and where they (were six months ago), it’s hard to argue otherwise. That commercial was a HUGE gamble. Here’s why it paid off:

  1. Timing (catching a social moment wave). Pretty much everyone in North America was required to read 1984 in school. Although not 1/10th as revolutionary as Cardano, the tech Apple was introducing did revolutionize the computer industry.

  2. Product. The reason why Steve Jobs okayed the ad was because he knew what he had in his tech. When you have something that revolutionary, all you need to do is get the word out to as many people as possible. Do we have faith in what Cardano has? I do.

People are hungry for change. The old systems have failed us and it’s time for Evolution. The conditions are perfect to start a movement. We need to get the word out, even if it starts very subtly. We should start working Cardano into society’s subconscious.

The time is now to at least copy write or trademarking some marketing slogans. I don’t know much about that, but if it’s a thing we should do it.




Anyone notice how similar the ADA symbol is to the anarchy symbol? :smile:


Rodger that! However I can help you crank up Pittsburgh I will!