Staking Reward

It seems we have preview access to the first staking pool for Ourboros Delegated Proof-Of-Stake (just seen it in my HackerNews feed)

Is it a scam?

I believe so.

Please note that this site is not an official Cardano website.


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For sure its not the first and a lot more projects are there that are started by honest ada holders - This is looks like a scammy site that tries to impersonate Cardano!

I just tried to access the site, but it appears to be down. I’m sure this won’t be the first ADA scam.

Does anybody have a screenshot? If it’s a scam, I would like to see it so that I can study their tactics and then describe it to others to help them avoid it.

They do tell you: is not affiliated to Cardano Foundation, Emurgo or Input Output Hong Kong
Zerif Lite developed by ThemeIsle

I do wish all these types of sites, pools, fans, etc would not use derivatives of Cardano/IOHK in their domain names.

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as the site name states its a fan club - it can not be “affiliated” to Cardano/Iohk - but Ada is ours as theirs and yours :wink:

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Good point, ADA is free game.


Scam author here! So this kind of stuff is made quite easy for this project for a couple of reasons:

  • the project has a lot of domain names like cardanoxxx.zzz, iohk and (a lot) more, with very different design and stuff. That is just stupid, that makes it harder for everyone to know whether a domain is official or not… Just register cardano.something and use subdomains like anyone else.
  • it’s not clear what the project does or not, which is confusing for some users. In a proof-of-stake, the participants expect to have some kind of reward which is not deployed currently. But to know that, either you ask this question somewhere or you have to know that we’re waiting for the Ouroboros Delegated Proof-of-Stake Q2 2018… So get your marketing right instead of talking treasury, smart-contracts and stuff that are not even in a prototype phase right now…
  • the wallet is currently a complete mess, totally broken on Linux, so most users keep their ADAs on the exchanges (and I would not even keep $3 on the currently available ones). Another scam already used that angle of attack some time ago, let alone the people who got their account highjacked and lost 43000 ADA… @Adaholder32,
  • leave the PHD stuff and the fancy names for the docs, obviously this is interesting but even some moderators were not sure if this scam was actually legit or not… (this is the most worrying one)

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I’m inclined to agree, simple and clean approach to a real problem.

I agree with point 1 and 3. I don’t understand 2 and 4.

Maybe the Cardano Foundation could buy a .cardano or .ada TLD, it’s “just” $200 thousand dollars :grin: but it would be pretty cool and they would have total control of it. That way they can also defend the community against typosquatting.