I want to confirm cardano.org

I recently invited to a group chat and someone in the group give away this website [Link removed by @napoles] and they have internal trading for every other 3 day until Jun 30, 2021.

If you invest $100,000 you will get 1% of the bounce , $300,000, you get 2% and $500,000 you get 3% bounce. The bounce is they give you free ADA coins.

I need to confirm if this is a legitimate site from cardano.org

Hello and welcome @Paul8

The first link is a scam. (every giveaway, faucet, etc. is). On the other hand, cardano.org It is the official site of Cardano, but you will not find any money offer there.

Best regards.

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Thanks for the info, I know a lot of people have invested heavily into it. some of them invested half million dollars

100% scam! 1% interest per day is 365% return per year. So, they are gonna triple your money every year, just for lending them some cash. Why? They can just borrow money at 3% to 5% (or even 20% from a Credit Card) per year themselves and triple that money.
All legitimate sites connected to cardano.org are listed on the bottom of cardano.org page. If it’s not on there, it’s not official.
@Paul8 If you know people falling for this scam please let them know.
Maybe get them to watch official Hoskinson YouTube channel for some more info.
On Scams and Illegal Activity - YouTube

@Napoles Can you remove link from the title of this topic?

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Hi @Neo_Spank. Thanks for the heads-up.

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will do and thanks for all the confirmation.

The only way to earn free ADA is to stake/delegate the ADA and u will receive ~5% per year