Promotional Offer

There is a giveaway ( 2X ) if you send either Bitcoin, Etherium, ADA , USDT. The access link is [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

This showed up on Youtube which appeared legit, and also at the link above.

Is this a SCAM

Of course, that is a scam. Nothing there seems remotely legit. There are no giveaways just doubling your holdings. Never.

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Thanks for followup. Can you take a look at the link… it looks legit when you scan the on screen code. I there a way to send this to Cardano so they can take it down or report at FAKE

The QR codes are just addresses of the scammers where they want you to send your coins to. They maybe open your wallet app automatically or at least can be scanned by your wallet app, but that means nothing for them being legitimate. Why should it?

For an alleged ADA giveaway, it’s already very strange that Cardano is the only network in that list for which they did not even manage to create a valid address. They are just trying to get BTC, ETH, and USDT with that thing.

And again: “Send us a large amount of coins and we will send you double that amount back. Pinky swear.” are always scams! No exception!

There is operated by IOG. Don’t know how much effort they put in there and how successful they are in getting them down. It’s tilting at windmills, honestly.

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Both Bitdefender and G-Data flag this as very dangerous phishing site. How is your anti-virus not blocking you from going to this site?

Scam still goes on YouTube. Live transmission on channel named Cardano Foundation with 1.3M subscriptions and a link to [link deleted by @Napoles]

1st of May, 2024