ALERT! Another SCAM site just popped up


Be aware of these new “exchanges” which claim to make it super easy to buy ADA. It’s typically the same scam–tells you to send bitcoin and then it will deposit ADA to your address or it claims to create an ADA wallet for you with the ADA you bought.

We got one shut down recently. This new one popped up.

Total scam:

Do your research before plopping down money. Come ask us questions on here or We are here to help!


They’re proliferating like a plague. I guess it is the price to pay for becoming more popular


To the beginners, there are lot many scam sites popping up everyday. As you all know that cryptocurrencies are very much popular now,and there are lot many of us trying invest our hard earn money into crypto currencies. so ill recoomend each and everyone to make detail study on which crypto you need to invest.
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Do we have evidence this is a scam site? I have no doubt you guys are right but in order for either the domain registrant or hosting provider to take this down they will need something to justify pulling it down.



By evidence, do you mean finding someone who was actually scammed? This site touts itself as an exchange.

The reddit poster evaded my questions. I asked why does it not have an interactive trading interface like the ones you see on Binance, Bittrex, GDAX, etc.

He said that they don’t operate that way.

The way they do exchanges is, the user puts in their wallet addresses (and refund addresses) and then sends the funds. Afterwards, the tokens they are buying will get deposited into their wallet. They also have an “option” of having the site create the wallet for them and then deposit the purchased tokens into that.

When I pressed him some more, he said his exchange allows for anonymous trading (as if the legitimate exchanges don’t?). He kept emphasizing that his exchange’s biggest plus is no registration required so no need to upload IDs.

This site was just spun up recently. Their twitter account has 15 followers. Various data fields have typos in them (misspelled multiple times in different ways). Where do you normally see these kinds of errors? Oh that’s right! It’s when someone is frantically trying to create a website as fast as possible and get it up and running.

There are no regulatory or certification documents linked. There’s nothing about their support staff. Their contact is a gmail account.

Does this sound like a legit exchange to you?


Note, it appears they have fixed this issue, not an endorsement do your own due diligence.

Do you know any legit company @cf_tom.kelly that does not have a terms of service up and running?
This would be the first.


I would suggest that you contact Cardano about their vetting process to get on their official list. This will help your flow of business, and give surety to anyone who want to use your services to swap in and out of ADA.


Are you regulated by the government? How do you ensure customers that you won’t just run off with their crypto funds, besides just taking your word for it?

You keep reminding folks how great it is to do business completely anonymously without registering for an account with your “exchange.”

You don’t even have your team listed. Your support email address is a gmail account.

From your website: “Input your receiving address, send your funds and await” You have no idea how laughable this line is.