CADA Scam Alert

There is a website running around claiming to be the next Uniswap of Cardano.

I have spent extensive time looking into it and I keep concluding it’s a scam.
I believe they claim their native token will be CADA.

Any further information to solidify my suspicion would be great. Thank you.


  1. They seem to have masked URLs under Yahoo Finance. But I cannot find the article when I go directly to Yahoo Finance website.

  2. They want early adaptors to send ADA to a wallet.

  3. Their community has only 2K members but claimed national news coverage including Yahoo Finance. Meanwhile, they having developed nothing but a road map, and no milestone achievements.

  4. Their website had basic errors in presentation that proves a quick sloppy job. Errors such as basic mathematical conversions between ADA and CADA (their native token).

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I cant say anything about that project because i didnt do any research but if you make such claims you should provide your evidence or concerns, otherwise this thread will be unlisted.



Done and thank you for your assistance.

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Yes cardaswap!!! They have medium articles they have twitter. They got a website but they have no test net they have zero built and the only thing they do have is a series of ICOs. Then when you go to thier ico it just shows an adress to send your ada to. That is the most obvious thing as below it is just a pic of a fake swap.

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I have evidence they have build nothing but they are holding a series of ICOs. Then you go to the ico and this is just an adress to send ada with a pic of a false swap undernieth that does not exist.

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Thank you sir. It’s so sad that such an awesome name is wasted on what is apparently, and most likely a scam.
I am not very experienced in the world of blockchains, but I wish there was a task force empowered to shut these things down.

Thank you it a fake I started to ask questions and was blocked

We have to learn how to be our own bank. Its a brave new world like the wild west before there was law. Eventually we will regulate but for now we got to have each others back in this town like they once did in the west. So spread the word and comunicate best you can. Stay paranoid and God bless.

I think this is a SCAM as well, unfortunately they have many articles published that legitimize them

I was scammed by this group , should be the same group of plutuswap.lost 1000 Ada, we can avoid them to change their Ada in a exchange ?