ADA Symbol - UNICODE please!

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I attended Charles’ talk at the LSE last week. Really really great. I had so many questions but a massive amount of stage fright prevented me from raising my hand to ask anything. A lot of my questions were asked and well answered by Charles. What I still want to know is: who designed the symbol for ADA?

The Apex with 2 horizontal bars is surely the most sophisticated, simplest and most elegant cryptocurrency symbol out there! It LOOKS like the future of exchange and money. It makes the bitcoin symbol look like a letterpress icon from the wild west!

I hope a Cardano employee can shed some light on the designer?
And also, has someone from the foundation applied for the unicode symbol so we can shortly use it in texts, emails etc?
I want to see it on more than just the Daedalus wallet.
And further, will the myshopify checkout thing be fixed so I can buy T shirts etc?
I appreciate that Charles Hoskinson is anxious to not overtly market the product till it’s ready but I wanna shout it from the rooftops. Ever since I saw Charles’ TEDxBermuda talk, “The future will be decentralized”, I’ve been hooked.


Hello @raytheonbuna, welcome to the community. The Unicode symbol you could use for Ada is Unicode 20B3. It was used by the country of Argentina for money in the 1980s and 1990s. (Thank you @rickymac, who posted this to the forum today).

I agree that our own Unicode symbol would be a great idea, because the apex is slightly different in the ada logo. ~> :ada: vs ₳. The length of the apex is more visually pleasing.

There is a great story behind how they decided on the ₳ symbol, Charles has mentioned this in an interview with Crypto Bobby :joy::grin:.

"Back in 2014 when I started a meeting with Alex we were having this big debate about the logo for theory you know, we ended up with that pylon and we had this professional design firm that was run by a guy named Wendell and he had some ex Apple designers with him and they said oh well you know that pylon thing is useless. We’re gonna make you a proper logo and we got all excited, we’re like wow real design people are gonna, you know, actually decide on this thing and Wendel says you know you have to be very very serious about this effort because people are gonna end up tattooing this thing on their body so this is not a minor thing guys, your gonna like permanently scar the butts of women and the backs of men and so forth and you gotta make sure it’s good.

So he went out with all these rockstar designers and they spent like 3 weeks thinking about it and they came back to this presentation and they came back and their idea was like this circle with a slash through it. This was literally their proposal.

I looked at Anthony Dilorio and i said Anthony, should we just stick with the pylon and it’s like yeah, let’s just stick with that and now I run into people at conferences with ₳ tattooed on them."

Source: Crypto Bobby interview (timestamp 1h10m40s)


You bet bro. Thanks for the mention. I like the history behind things so I find Cardano exceptionally interesting.


Indeed it is truly interesting, learning a lot and understanding how little I know about it, but always better and better surprises the more I research.

This project is sooo mystical i love it😚

i love the currency symbol

i appreciate that cardano is the ecosystem and ada is the currency that runs on the ecosystem but i don’t think it’s good idea diluting the idea with two separate bands… imho we should make the currency symbol the focus on all marketing material which is focused onto the unaware public going forward

planting ADA seeds in the mind of the general public, even on a sub-conscious level, with the currency symbol will bring about familiarity once the ADA currency symbol gets mainstream exposure…

using the cardano symbol now and then the currency symbol later when it enters the public consciousness squanders this opportunity and increases friction to adoption

maybe those with marketing chops can chime in? thoughts?

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Although I’m just exploring & learning more about the Cardano Community, I can feel how stronger my beliefs towards the community are becoming. And of course, I’m particularly amazed by the symbol design (₳) for Cardano - the design looks great. I can see the future of a bigger cryptocurrency in this Symbol.

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