Cardano: a concept for consistency in complexity? (open for feedback)

sketches of an evolving idea. series will cover the following.

LACE language, a design language. from which a brand design system may be extrapolated.

simplicity is it ultimate sophistication (iconography, iconic logo with related products in symphony)

brand character coherence and consistency.

beyond just a network, a community.

in a “thin we” type of network, participants tend to belong for individualistic reasons, have little in common with other members, and they’re reluctant to do much for the network.

a big goal (like that which crypto promises) requires a “thick we” network — a community of people who feel responsible for collaborating toward a shared long term purpose (self-sovereignty etc) that they see as superseding their individual (margin trading) short term gains. members of a community — as opposed to a simple network — expect relationships within the group to continue, and they even hold one another accountable for effort and performance.

exploring the adoption curve looking at audience within community - from coders to designers to investors/users.

imagination is greater than knowledge (usecases in this new paradigm, beyond code - the need for designers and invaluable user-centric experience design)

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in this prelude we cover some basic ideas, and reference the instigating spark that led to actually sketching out some ideas. as well as a look at the adoption curve and how it relate to the different constituents or audiences within an evolving community.

in this session we dissect the current casino chip logo as well as those of other related products to arrive at common base geometries. then talk through the illustrations of how the various base geometry forms evolved influenced by concepts of golden ratio proportions, sacred geometry and self similarity.

in this session we have a look a possible two birds one stone solution to the problem the “gource” branding refresh sought to solve. the possibilities of having a progressive web app with a card base interface/interaction paradigm that’d serve the dual function of informing and involving the community, in varied context from events/meetups to announcements/updates.