No Riding The Bitcoin Halving Coat Tails

Does this mean Cardano is starting to decouple from bitcoin as far as price goes?

That was my concern. I waited for hours and zero movement. By bitcoin numbers, it should have jumped 60 points and steadily. Assumed it would go down then, so I moved some, then immediately went up. Ended up with 600 less ada. I just wanted to drink some lemonade too. I have my cup in but Charles was correct, not enough lemons

Hmmm,bitcoin halvening come and gone ,nothing happened, the whole crypto market very disappointing, time to forget about it for a year

It will only be a day or so and everything will recover again. I think ada will have a big jump in price this week tbh. Hopefully Coinbase will list and that would dramatically help in that regard

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That would be a real boost, so much good news but never reflected in price

Dow down 534 crypto market nice gain.

And we have liftoff. The next 6 weeks or so will be really fun. I hope you’re ready.

60% gains in the last 30 days… not bad

Not if you bought a couple of years ago

Sorry for the late reply.l have been ready for years

Investment risk. Part of the process. There is no free lunch