A reminder on the BTC rise

Same here regarding IOTA wallet. I held IOTA and lost coins trying to use the wallet. I felt it was too risky holding them on Bitfinex and couldn’t trust the IOTA wallet so I sold them off. Probably wasn’t a good choice looking at how the price is exploding but whatever… Moved on to other opportunities such as ADA. I also wasn’t comfortable with what I was reading about IOTA tech. I saw a chart (can’t remember where) with info about bio-chipping 8 billion people and made me feel uncomfortable supporting that. It was probably some FUD kicking in. Very excited about ADA’s future and supporting this is in sync with my values and what I’m looking for.


yea…I have a 100 IOTA floating around in the tangle somewhere with a wallet balance of 0, but the exchange is the safest place for IOTA, not the wallet.

As for investing, Q2 2018 should be fun for ADA. I’ll buy now and hold. I’m more interested in the projects and team of Cardano. I’ll be contributing somehow even though I’ve never coded 1 line of Haskell in my 15 year career.

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Yes and dont fallow the hype.

Where will you shield your btc profits? In fiât or some alternative coins you believe more in? The idea would obviously be to secure profit now from btc and wait 7 days or so all markets drops and enter Ada at better price.
Share thoughts if any.

hopefully a successful implementation of the k framework will allow devs of all stripes to contribute and build on top of the Cardano stack! they made some good progress this week on that front I think.

The important aspect for IOTA wallet is to NOT lose the original seed. Snapshots and the IOTA foundation have the balance. I got my 100 to sync with my wallet this morning after 2 weeks, but again if an individual does not have their seed then the balance is probably orphaned.

My vision is to use ADA for smart contracts and IOTA for micropayments to access/query my sensor’s data using the IOTA marketplace. I want to educate my region with both of these technologies.

ok, enough with IOTA, this is an ADA forum.