ADA looking bullish today


Is ADA set for another price hike?


It’s been trading in a very tight channel for over a day now. It needs to brake 1250 then we may see another run towards 1450. We’ll soon see if the volume comes in to support the move.


1450 seems quite a conservative estimate for the high end. My guess is 1650 (but I’m no expert)


lets hope so,i got in at 350 so i allready made a nice run.
this is just the beginning.
i am going to hold for at least 5-7 years
i am 43 now and if possible i would like to stop working at 50,hahaha
so ADA let’s goooooooo


To be honest I suspect some sideways trading for the next few days.
Long term holder here as well :slight_smile:


I dont care, if the price dips I am buying more of it.


I’m hoping to do some short term trading with ADA, sell high and buy back in lower


A lot of people got burned on Wednesday trying this, lots of people sold between 500-800 expecting a drop.
So far its found support above 1000. It may still dip again, but for now there are a lot of people with less ADA than they had on Monday.

I’ll be buying any new dips but i’m not risking any of my current ADA, just buying more.


Same here, I was so tempted to sell during the last few days. Just like a third of my current holding and then buy again later. And exactly those feelings/thoughts are the reason why I have it in the Wallet, so I can’t do that stuff because I know that I’m too stupid to do that profitably. :slight_smile:


It’s still early days for ADA, there was no past history to make a decision like that (in my opinion). That’s what stopped me. I want to sell but only if i can definitely get back in at a lower price


Yeah, mine are safely in my wallet where they will stay. I’m trying to
learn how to read the markets but only to find good entry points. I’ve
spent 9 months looking at charts but still don’t want to risk large amounts
on my limited skills!


I’m with you there. I just learned of Cardano the past several weeks and have been patiently waiting to get my funds lined up to buy in.

However I am not even the least bit comfortable with the charts. I’ve found some resources to learn how to read the charts etc. I may not buy in as efficiently as some others but I still think I’m getting in at the start of something special. :slight_smile:

Do you have any resources you’ve found helped you learn to read charts?


I watched a few videos on youtube, there is a channel called “the chart guys” who do a regular analysis of the crypto charts, usually the BTC, ETH and LTC. They also have a free course on technical analysis, playlist linked below.


Rock on! Thanks. I’ve found A LOT of resources on youtube etc. So many resources I get a bit overwhelmed and then end up watching cat videos. :slight_smile:


New to this Crypto Currency thing. Started to hear about it in August from friends and decided to invest a grand and see where it takes.
Not sure how I landed on ADA (google youtube readin) but bought it right after the Surge :expressionless: Late by a day :frowning: I have no plans of trading this. Hopefully it stays and grows like it is now :slight_smile:


Here you go mate.