Anyone buying this dip?


Tempted to pick up some more any like minded folk?


Too soon for me, I want to see what China does when they wake up. I think there is some margin to get a better deal.

May have jinxed it by saying this so perhaps you should buy the dip :thinking:


I did not realise that the market is down again.:slight_smile:


I think a good entry point will be ~$0.22.

Just my two lovelaces.


Might be too late for 0.22 :ada: is picking up speed, next stop 5000satoshi


yes I did, I try to accumulate everytime the price go down. :muscle:


Good man !..I had no cash available, so played the market using USDT, walked away with 580 extra ADA in my stash…:grin:


I am, but I wish I had the patience and discipline to wait for sub 20 cents and even 10 cents which would probably occur if btcs drops to or below 6k…which I think will happen.


Yes ! :wink:


I grabbed a bit more at roughly $0.26. I traded a little ETH for it. I don’t know if we reached the bottom of the dip or not, but I’m stoked getting ADA at that price. Even though it’s easily the highest price I’ve paid for ADA, it’s still a screaming deal for hodlers imo.


I grabbed some at .30 thinking it was the bottom, should have waited a bit longer!


I think the market is at a critical point right now. Between Upbit getting a search and seizure notice and Mt.Gox moving BTCs around is causing market uncertainty. I would hold off on buying until I see what happens through the week. Before this, we were starting to show signs of a bullish trend. I’m waiting to see what this week brings.


I’m a long term guy. So any # under .40 is a great buy. $200 every week like clock work.


Good idea. :v:


How did you pull that off?


Had 20K ADA in Binance…turned into Tether…ADA price dropped and bought back at a lower price…extra 580 ADA’s


Does any one else think Ada has seen her all time low? After May 28 it will establish a bottom price for a while?


Hi @rickymac, Not sure what you mean by

FWIW, I personally do not think we will revisit the March lows. I think ADA will be moving up gradually as the general sentiment towards cryptos goes from bearish to bullish, and will appreciate faster as they consistently achieve their milestones on their roadmap.


Hi @Risus76, on May 28 there is a major update, Cardano 1.2 will be released with many improvements and new features. I think there will be a welcomed reception to this release. Once a really good release with new features hits the street, I think the satoshi value of Ada will see a nice little climb.


At the risk of getting carried away, I think ADA will never again see the recent low at $0.24. My opinion is purely based on technical analysis of the chart.