Anyone buying this dip?


It’s trading at .24 now… those who are picking it up now will be smoking cigars on a carribean island a year from now.


:laughing: I do hope so


Buying a few thousand now, and if it dips to .20 I’ll be grabbing some more… Can’t help it. I’m basically cold storing until my kids get out of HS in about 10 years… Hoping this is a nice little cherry on top of my retirement sunday.


Your wish is my command


Ada listed on Cryptopia, start of a new bull run?


Bitcoin sinking like a stone! Anyone brave enough to catch the falling knife?


Sold at .38. Everything. I have this feeling it will go to .15 or lower. Feel sorry for those that bought EOS at the high.


You can also turn it around, and be happy for those who sold EOS at high.

There is always two sides to a coin - most projects in this space will go to 0, and with most we are prob talking 95% of all the names you know today and more. There is really no need for several network tokens, it will be boiled down to a very few.

There is no need to be sorry for anyone, buying at any price, they wont be sorry for selling at higher price to someone else. Neither should they.

Sure it is unfortunate when someone of little intelligence, puts themselves in stupid positions where they risk everything they have and with dire consequences if things dont play out. Like being in debt, losing house, etc etc. Yeah I think that is a little sad, but again, this is the cost of freedom.

You are free to succeed, and you are free to fail. You cant have one without the other.


So true! Right you are!


I bought this.
I think this might have been a mistake


If you have liquidity needs and are pressed by short time horizon, I see “REKT” written all over your forehead. If you have the guts to HODL till 2019 (when we have the first stage of the protocol up and running), then you may very well be rich enough to wipe your bottom with fiat and don’t even think twice about it. The choice is yours :wink:



Magnificent explanation!
It’s what i always day to people, wants something fast, ADA for now it’s not for you …


同样感觉 下跌的超出我的想象



I think its gonna go lower :frowning:


i want it back at .02


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This comment did not age well :grinning:. Anyway, as some of you may know i buy anything under 0.13. So yeah, i guess i finally bought the dip!

Did not blow all of my stack on this buy tho and im hoping it goes lower. We will see :slight_smile:

Edit: please don’t follow any of my half assed trading advice, i have made gains and losses. I seem to do better when i make a small amount trades / year :sweat_smile:. Been pretty lucky so far.

Good luck and maybe BTFD .


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There is no price… only value.


Yep :ok_hand:t3: … just not as much as i would like