Soon to be #12

Not too far off. Binance is up, Ada is down. Market will trend down. Volume is crap low. I’m still waiting for .02-.01 before I hop back in. XRP is looking good right about now. Nem is in the dumps. Thinking about Dash to buy. Also gettin in ob BTC. Thoughts anyone? Anyone buying this dip. BTC is about to hit 200 week MA. What’s up with that?! That’s some good buy action!

I buy ADA and XRP whenever I can. Not much for trading, I’m a long tern hodler.

I do have a strategy to get out of a lot of my XRP and put it into ADA. Not sure at what prices I will do that…

dose it really matter where you buy? .01 , .04 .10 .20 when we will be over $5 .


Well it does matter as if you bought in at 2 cents rather than 20 you will have 10 times the ADA lol

Dont really see the point in buying any now from a trading point of view. The ADA chart looks terrible from a TA perspective and the bear market wont be ending anytime soon so may aswell just see how cardano performs after shelley for a long term hold.

I was teached long time ago that TA is same as horoschopes.

If you are a long term investor and have liquid, I think it is good to invest now 4.000/40.000 usd for 100.000/1.000.000 adas. If the price goes down from .04 to .03, it does not matter at these prices if you will eventually make a million. On the other hand, if you miss the opportunity, it will cost you maybe hundreds of thousands usd in missed opportunity. After Shelley this is real thread to bearers!


DASH. I can’t believe how stable that one is. I don’t hold any Dash, but it has always been interesting to me.

In LTCBTC long already on bitmex. caught the bottom of the wick down on jan. 22rd.
Have layered orders on btc around 3280.

there are quite a few shitcoins on binance looking ripe for pump.

Based on volume it won’t be $5 for a while. Demand drives price, right? So although it may reach that level, unless it goes parabolic some time soon it won’t be in the near future. 29th in volume at 11 mil.

I’m trying to stay away from the shitcoins.mtheres just too much manipulation going on there and throws metrics off that they become unreliable. 24hr volume on Ada is shit.

we are officially #12.

Will we be out of top 20 by 2020?

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The fact is despite this so called fantastic project ADA has only been an absolute shitcoin so far.

Sell it all and walk away if that is how you feel about it.

I would not panic. Cardano is a long term prospect, the development is a bit slower then I’d like but I still prefer a well made product late than a rushed bad product.

Current status of Cardano is a collectible, it’s price is tied to BTC - their price charts are pretty much exactly similar (just the scale is different). For Cardano to be independent we need adoption. I wouldn’t expect that soon, especially with all the security issues and the scam climate in crypto.

As a trader, I’d have to agree you’re correct if referring to terms of marketing, branding, market performance, and non code related items.

Judging by what… the MarketCap?
The MarketCap is pretty much the least interesting value there is.

I’ve given the example before… if I now make a coin with a supply of Coins and one buys a coin for 1$ my coin would be in 1st place.

If my coin will remain on place 1 for a long time, no of course not it will prevail in the long run the technology which offers the most added value for the requirements of the human being.


I felt the price is just flowing there, good news bad news, delay or no delay, doesn’t matter anymore.


Yes all these announcements does not have effect on Ada price in the short term. If BTC will go under 3000 Usd, Ada will be 0,027 Usd and if BTC over 5000 Usd -> Ada 0,057 Usd.

That does not have any meaning if you are holding over 2 years. Unless you are hunting the lowest price to buy more (which I might do if the price will go grazy low).

Instead of the current price, we can entertain our selves planning exit -stategy. I mean, right moment to exit must be even more difficult than planning the moment to bying in. For example, when Ada = 1 Usd or last ATH, is this the right moment to exit? How about if we know that Cardano has exelled Eth end Eos and is the no.1 platform for new Icos etc, maybe then it is realistic to keep hodling to 3-5 Usd levels. And if it is already year 2024 and there are millions Ada -users and you can see next five years billion users possibility so the estimate could be Ada 20-25 Usd…

You see my dilemma should be also your main consern unless you plan to exit this year. Its amazing how much work IOHK, Emurgo and others have done just in January. Watch Sebastians new video which you can find here:

Ps. maybe I will sell 1/3 at 1 Usd, 1/3 at 3-5 Usd and keep the rest. I also plan to start tradition to visit IOHK summit/Gala evenings annually to meet and lough with all you fellow Ada millionaires :slight_smile:


Any thought on upcoming tax season? Will it trigger another wave of coin-dump from ICO projects?

Adoption will not happen without great marketing,as someone said before.Great marketing is about awareness and understanding and happy and positive thoughts in the consumers’ is no good having some long haired unkept looking tech.sitting behind his computer talking a language that average Joe cannot understand and thinking his technically superior product will just take care of everything. U wanna bring out all these great updates,you need two versions,one for you guys who understand at a higher more technical level and a simplified press release for dummies like me to make it appealing.l worked for Lotte in South Korea,the ice cream section.Every single ice cream had a marketing team,not just ice cream,EVERY, icecream.They were hell bent on promoting their particular ice cream,bringing awareness and positive thoughts about it to every Korean.Lotte new the dramatic impact this would have on product sales.Cardano’s team of scientists and academics are not marketing people.And,you think average Joe gonna tune into the front man’s report for 30 minutes when it is like a foreign language?Cardano really needs to concentrate equally on the marketing side of things and get some world class people in.


In your dreams