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You do raise some valid points here.

Not everyone is technical and understands everything very well. Most of us do not understand what’s the difference between 1.3 and 1.4. They only care about their user-experiences.

Either we spend so much money and resources to make everyone a Ph.D in blockchain, or we make it as a popular culture just like Bitcoin, or maybe both.


I agree with you 100%. I pointed out on this forum many times what actions Cardano team should undertake to encourage adoption. I was mostly ignored or faced opposition. The sad truth is that Cardano project is filled and surrounded by many smart people, who see a lot of potential in technology but don’t understand the market and needs and limitations of an average Joe.

As a person who dealt with both development and marketing I can tell you from experience - the best solution not always wins. Once I tried to implement an RDA project in finance team, the solution was clearly superior but most of workers didn’t want to use it because they were used to old excel macros or spreadsheets. Employing new solution required them to learn the new tool and abandon their old habits.

Cardano is in an even worse position, it not only is a new (new is scary) and hard to understand solution but crypto sphere is full of scams, low security and high volatility. That means average people have no reason to adopt it and if there is no adoption - people won’t have any reasons to use it.


kinda wondering, how did the Internet overcome this step? I guess it was around 1995-2000, I was too young to remember. :rofl:


There was the dotcom bubble that popped in early 2000. At that time many projects failed but from the ashes companies such as Google, YouTube or Facebook arose. I think most of people got really into internet after 2000.


Money and naked women. As always. :wink:

I remember the discussions if advertising should be allowed in the internet. Really nice. And all the big companies were late and had to buy their much wanted internet adresses for a lot of money from 17 year old students. And then there was a guy who sold 1 Pixel per Dollar at the million dollar homepage. Try to find a company you still know. It’s hard.


I will be.Just waiting to see what impact Shelley and coinbase have on the price.l suspect none,then l will bail lose a few grand but make it up on a more investor friendly project.


Exactly, imagine if Charles H. or Steve J. would not had courage to dream…


The problem there was that we never had the infrastructure for internet to do what we do with it now.

Just imagine, we watch tv and movies on internet. If you were to tell movie theaters that they would be disrupted by an internet company, they would have laughed at you.

Later, blockbuster argued that people wouldn’t switch to Netflix because people liked to interact with other customers in their shops… something to that effect. Then they went bankrupt, and it happened fast.

My point is that internet took so long because the speeds weren’t there. The infrastructure was the bottleneck. It took a while to build it.

We don’t have that restriction with crypto, the physical infrastructure is there. The only thing that’s missing is good, fast protocols and useful apps.

Software moves much faster than physical hardware. My guess is that people just underestimate that.

Software will eat the world and it will live on a blockchain, where it truly belongs (also where it’s cheapest to keep/maintain it).

I am super bearish on google, Facebook, amazon and Uber as they will have their lunch money taken by globally decentralized protocols. Value is likely to accrue to platforms like Cardano that will house useful apps.

I would give this tech maximum 5 years to reach a good saturation point…

All you need to participate in this new economy is Internet and a phone/computer. The cost of both is likely to go down significantly as companies increase global penetration rates in search of that marginal profit.

I look forward to a day when you just log on to a blockchain to work, without a boss, HR or a capped salary. It would be you and your clients with blockchain in between to facilitate your work and transactions.


All very well but l won’t be following the Bhagwan over the cliff like a financially abused sheep.


Nice piece


Steve Jobs didn’t exactly dream. He stole all the ideas from others who didn’t know how to implement and market their superior technology (kind of like Cardano unfortunately).

@ZCryt0Knight The biggest problem with internet and early computer technology was that it was not tailored to mass population. It wasn’t ergonomic and easy to use. Only after Jobs stole the idea from Xerox for the personalized desktop and marketed it well, the PC became popular. Crypto has a similar problem, it’s not tailored to mass population. You might not realize that because your brain processing power is higher than average but for regular person the technology is still cryptic.

As for Netflix, IIRC it was close to failing in the process before it succeeded. It’s not as black and white. The best technology not always wins.


haha, ya, i remembered that pixel page.

Guess the big companies came in the Internet age late too.

Ya, online web stores and home delivers for fashion brands weren’t not popular until recent 10 years.

Then if we can finish the blockchain infrastructure and technology within next 10 years (2020-2030), I guess the massive adoptions will come in next next 10 years (2030-2040).

LOL, that’s a long time to hodl! haha


I don’t necessarily dispute this… but even the PCs of the 90s were meant for solitaire, typing documents (MS word), calculating stuff (Lotus 123) and the Oregon Trail type of games. Unless you were a nerd or an office secretary, you wouldn’t use them. Networking was pretty limited to IRC chats and email. you could make friends online but that’s about it.

The true adoption, the biggest breakthrough, the kind that took place from 2000 onward came from fiber optics and DSL/ADSL technology that allowed for much faster bit-rates. Those speeds paved the way to greater adoption through video games, adult entertainment and Netflix and chill…

This came from the ability to recreate reality in the virtual machines (video + voice) which required higher speeds, hence infrastructure investments.


Yes absolutely right the genius leading the genius while the restof us go “uh?”


Will 5G become the savior of the Blockchain then? 10 gb/sec is rili crazy, it’s like sync Cardano’s full nodes in 0.5 sec.



Well that would take care of some problems people have been having here—long time to sync.

It all shows that we are still early in the adoption game.


I disagree. Market cap matters. And it doesn’t matter how many coins you have because its the perceived value of the coin that would determine cap and thus position. Volume is lower that shite and stables…that’s not good in my eyes. I would’ve expected a trend down or up by now, preferably down. That would allow me to buy more. This just tells me too many hodlers. Tron’s volume is much higher and thats not so good of a project. Afa volume is concerned, we’re damn near at the bottom. No interest is what I take it as.


You are so right. Marketing is crap. Even if it is the best solution, which it looks like it is, if people dont know it, they wont use it.