Anyone buying this dip?


Is it ever enough?


Honestly, no.


Yep I got good advice to go in at 12/13 cents :slight_smile:


Sure man, I bought more just yesterday, I dont expect a payout short term but medium to long, I’m hodling and accruing when I have extra cash


Hey you said you weren’t going to buy but you bought 3 times last week. Hahahahaha.


I buy every dip, even if it’s just a few bucks. I’m a long term holder accumulating a little here and a little there. # to 5 year time horizon.


Wonderful Memories


Of course, every dip ( this is the purpose of dip lol ) buying more …


I am buying but want under 4 cents AUD.I am going to stagger my purchases over the next 6 months rather than buy say 100,000 in one hit.Absolutely worth the risk.A few thousand to lose but the upside can be enormous.


Nom Nom Nom.


Nope. I feel it will go lower. This is not trading advice and should not be construed as such by any person.


Michael,how low u reckon ?


Now l buy at 0.39 AUD approximately.Stop and wait u think ,l got another 85k to buy


I bought the dip…Probably go to under a cent tomorrow.


Tuesday .jjhvjhv


Yea see that would be advice. I do not give financial advice. Sorry.


This is not financial advice. Anyone investing in cryptocurrencies should seek the advice of a financial consultant. This post is for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as advice on cryptocurrency investments.

Strong forces pressing BTC down. Any green moments are a bull trap and I don’t want to be a donor right about now.

One problematic issue I keep running into is smart contracts. Been thinking about this all day. So let’s say I enter into a contract with someone for 100k worth of Ada at a hypothetical $1.00 value. The contract is fulfilled but the price of Ada drops to .50 USD.if my amount was escrowed, is it a requirement of the contract to contain a clause on fulfillment occurs full price? This means either I pay more or the other party takes a loss. In this current environment, with stability no where in sight, how would this encourage a user to adopt this currency?

The other issue I gave is the ability gif literally anyone to start/mint a currency. Continuing this ability destroys value in my models. If something is open source or a fork (contentious or not) occurs, then you have an almost duplicate currency. What if a team came in and made s better version. Your currency could be rendered valueless quickly. There is no state backing the currency to provide the stability required. There is a pseudo scarcity because anyone can duplicate any open source coin. Well even though a person could print US Dollars, they would do so at substantial risk and would likely go to jail. This is not illegal with crypto. The full faith and credit of the dollar is based on the US economy and govt including all persons who are vested in it. A coin need only a couple super talented guys and gals in s garage, literally. I have no faith and credit in that,

Anyone care to chime in so I can tweak this model? Open to having my thoughts changed bug I won’t succumb to fanboy excuses.


This green right now will be red really soon, I feel.

This is not financial advice. I am not a financial consultant.


The “enter into a contract with someone for 100K at $1.00 value… and the price drops to 0.50 cents” - This condition should be addressed by the Smart Contract itself. You should be aware of the terms of the contract before agreeing to it. That being said, every situation known to mankind (like a zombie apocalypse), can’t be anticipated, so the rules of the contract are executed as written. In this case if there was no rule dealing with a price change then the contract would expect to be executed at $1.00.


The problem with an unstable currency. This is a problem don’t you think? Have you ever entered into a contract where the cost can change based on the monetary value paid or received at the time of signing? Imagine if this was used by a car mechanic? Think that car is getting fixed?? I doubt it. The person paid in Ada worth 1000.00, the price deflates and now the have to pay an additional 500. Then the job is complete and the price goes up. You think the mechanic is going to give back the 500? Not.