ADA: Next stop 0.70?

I think we should hit $0.7 before it plateaus and keep around that level before ADA is listed on Coinbase in Q4 2018. By the end of the year we should reach $1.0 mark and trade between $2-3 in by Q1 2019 when Shelley is released.

After that we could see btc “decoupling”. This is when ADA will no longer be hostage to changes in BTC prices. It may overtake ETH in market cap by Q2 2019 and BTC by the end of that same year.



Good to hear 总是很有希望。

It got to .19 and had a seizure… .70 looks light years away.


I like
I said I liked it

ADA is looking strong. We are likely to break .20 by the end of the week!

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Not in this market. I mean ADA was trading close to 0.4 a month ago. Things move fast in crypto.

Ridiculous predictions. Ada won’t hit .70 until BTC reaches 15k and the entire market cap at least triples. Ada will not begin to decouple from BTC until it can be purchased directly with fiat. That won’t happen until it is listed on a fiat exchange like Coinbase. Not trying to be a downer - just realistic.


I agree. I said decoupling will take place after coinbase AND Shelley. But 0.7 is still likely. We are in uptrend.

+1 - in keeping it realistic. Agreed and when and if ADA is listed on Coinbase it will then become un-real.