Poll: How much will Ada be worth in USD on June 30 after POS goes live?

  • 30 to 60 cents
  • 61 to 99 cents
  • $1 to $1.50
  • $1.50 to $2
  • More than $2

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Why is there no option below 0.30 lol


Haha, that was intentional. Just kidding, I should have made an up to 30 cents category. Sorry.

Seems like your poll is not hosted on a blockchain :grin:

Or maybe it’s on Ethereum :joy:



My bet is on $1 - $1.5

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Looks like the poll sorted itself out a little bit except one person ‘double spent’ their vote… LOL

On the positive side it looks like confidence among Ads users is quite high without being unrealistic. That’s a good sign!

It’s all relative to bitcoin. Perhaps you should ask how much will Ada be worth if bitcoin is worth 10,000 USD. That is because most people will be trading in BTC / Ada. Another option: how much will ada be worth if the total crypto market cap is at given figure like 333 billion.

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Yeah I think we follow bitcoin with leveraged effect… Without Bitcoin I think we can sustain 400M to 1B USD market cap alone in todays market. That is when I think we will detach on the down-turn at least - if we get that low.

I believe ADA is only dependent on BTC because ADA doesnt have staking operational for users right now. Once it does, it will be compared to USD instead. Being open to more exchanges will also help that as well.

Why? every other coin is directly correlated ones it reached a certain size. Ethereum, dash (has staking?) The only projects who are not always affected by Bitcoin crashing are low market caps.

ADA is still the sixth in coin market cap - so it has basically just trended the market with all other coins.

If Bitcoin remains stable, it does offer some out performance but to a certain point. The only coins above are all the ones listed on coinbase (here is where most money comes in) and Ripple… The only reason litecoin is up there is because of Coinbase.

Many users dont move their tokens out of coinbase.

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I agree with you to an extent. I also think that ADA will be added on coinbase around July or August. That is a ways away from now if you watch the markets everyday, but expose ADA to more people (exchanges) and the volume goes up. When the volume goes up enough, then it will be added to coinbase. The only reason it isn’t right now is because it can be manipulated too easily.

It will leave the BTC comparison when real investors get involved later on this year and look at fundamentals and growth potential / security / long term reliability. This all requires for regulation to first be implemented though and who the hell knows when Congress will actually be beneficial for once.

I agree with you outlook and financial future take. The key for everyone who bought before the crash is to ask why they bought in, and if they have faith in the tech they invested in? This market hurdle will be that one time in 2018 when they invested and the market tanked. Just remember this time when the market goes boom.

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@jb455 looks like you may have called it right on this one. Next time I need to include a wider range of options. Only 3 weeks left for Ada to reach 99 cents. Can she do it?

POS is going live on June30th??

No sir. This post is 3 months old when POS was planned for June.

Aha, thanks for clarification!