$0.40/ADA or $30.000/BTC first?

This is ~4x compared to current prices. What do you think will happen first? 30K BTC is an all time highfor that coin, but $0.40/ADA is about 40% of it’s previous ATH.
ADA seems to be losing a lot in BTC value in the last 8 month and I don’t see a reversal any time soon.
So which do you think will happen first and when do you think that will happen? Obviously noone knows for sure, but I’m curious about your opinion regarding the BTC dominance recently. Do you forsee the trend to continue?

.40c…that’s no moon



  1. BTC is worse than ADA; supported by:
  • BTC having low txn throughput of ~7 txns/second
  • PoW is expensive
  • assumption that PoS is just as secure (which is a pretty solid assumption, since Cardano formally analyzed adversary forkability) but they still could have missed something
  1. Seeing that BTC’s max supply is 21 million, while ADA’s is 45 billion (therefore Ada units are ~2200 times more abundant),
  2. People are interested in switching (which I rate as doable, given the more and more rapid adoption of new technologies across time)
  3. [Edit: added this assumption] People will at least maintain current interest in cryptocurrencies

I expect that the value of ADA will, in the long-term, be at least a ~2200th of the current price of Bitcoin, which is ~3 bucks.

Edit: Erm. Whoops; I just realized I did not answer the question. I have no idea, and trying to predict the timing of the madness cycles of crowds is not something I can comfortably do.

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Of course btc first. This is blockchain 3.0 with billions coins. Blockchain 1.0 has upgrade too. Collect btc first. Ethereum 2nd. This coin save a little bit…it will be long long road