What do you think the 2018 USD low will be for ADA?


I can see it going to 8ish cents if btc falls to 4k or so which is certainly a possibility. But maybe that doesn’t happen and maybe we’ve already seen the low point a few months back. But to give an answer myself, I’ll say 7 cents.


Good point, but I think if BTC drops below 4K, it would be a death nail for BTC as it will likely lose its luster as the premier digital gold. Continued and unexplained erosions in value are far cries from traditional safe havens such as actual gold or, in this case, the would be digital haven BTC. I think that such a drop will cause a major exodus from BTC and, as the dust settles, there will be much more interest/investment into altcoins that can offer not only a storage of value, but also functionality. I think that this would actually be great for ADA. Yes ADA would drop a lot (perhaps even 7 cents) but this would also precipitate the mass extinction of the junk coins and allow the natural selection of the fittest. IMO, from a risk/reward perspective, ADA looks good at .20$ and I would like it even more if it were to drop lower.


Its nice when ada stays over the last low in therms of tecnical analysis.


If BTC falls to $4k, it wont be worth mining, and the miners will stop, that will have huge ramifications, as Cardano is bought with BTC, Charles has not been clever enough (lol) to move away from this end game.Which if it had any use, he would have done, round about Jan 4th… However it does let IOHK hide their sales :slight_smile:


But if you BUY your ADA with BTC its a double drop :slight_smile:


No one knows how much the ADA price will drop or rise in the near or far future!

Therefore, speculations concerning its price appear quite absurd to me. This is
not a gamble community! We should focus on Cardano’s development and its
benefit for our daily lifes in the future.


this is the trading forum, not the development forum…


Do you have any useful recommandations concerning trading?

HansStolte would appreciate them with pleasure, I guess.


Buy Low, Sell High and repeat!! And in the crypto world, that usually is anywhere between a 50-100% margin hahaha


But to answer your question, no one really knows. But price is usually determined based on the amount of transactions per block (debatable). Cardano right now, doesn’t have smart contracts implemented, and the transactions you see on the chain, are from folks trading on exchanges. Cardano is a young baby, give him time to grow, and he will be more active and the brainiest child alive before he is even 10.


If the price go lower, the silver lining for me is I would buy more!

ADA, in my opinion is the best of what exist for now so it’s just question of patience…
If it go low > buy and keep it to stake! This is my mantra now… I do not consider sell anything before treasury, and from then we see …


Exact price predictions are near impossible to calculate, and if you do know how to calculate the price prediction, then you wouldn’t be telling anyone including me. Hopefully I can provide a different perspective for you.

However, cryptos being so new and immature, I like to use historical data. With the recent news that ETH is NOT a security, we can then say ADA is not a security. No ICO, and private investors only is how ADA was funded. With that being said, we are sitting at .16 as of writing this. I see a wall at .12/.13, even with the SEC news today we are still in a downward trend. The price needs to find the bottom, but with ETH not being a security, maybe this gives a green light to institutional investors (institutional money may still find cryptos too risky). IMHO I think we will find professional traders enter into the market first, due to the fact that they don’t have to hold any digital assets. They can buy and sell any time they want. This will mature they market and provide more stabilization.

Last time I bought ADA, was at .13/.14. If I was going to buy again, I would buy now and use the cost averaging mechanism. This spreads your exposure throughout the markets. Again, the price needs to find it bottom, I don’t think its quite there. .13/14 is the previous bottom, and that would be my buying point.


Yep, 12cents , cheers :slight_smile:


I hope you bought. I see some interesting things developing on the horizon, but lets see if the price holds at .11/.12


The low will be what the low will be.


The price is at .15/.16
What am I missing.


Market oscillations…


Its controlled by Bitcoin, so if Bitcoin has issues, or they stop mining it will drop, and yes I bought at 12 sold at 16, it should dip to 13 soon, and ill buy some more :),


Wheeee! but I think 10c now


Once shelley is out and we see a flow of new coins going ico using IELE or erc20 tokens switching to KEVM, it will climb up to top 5. And once all the promised features are rolled out, that’s the time when we can replace btc to top 1.