To those who lost ADA

To those who lost ADA, would you all run a virus scan on your machines, and report your findings back to this thread? This would go a long way to determining the root cause of the lost ADA, be it a flaw in Daedalus or a key logger virus of some kind. I suspect the latter. There are many free virus scan software you can download, such as “Avast”, which I use on Mac.

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Very good initiative. However I’m afraid most people who lost their ADA have already abandoned all interest in this project and won’t comment.

It is not incensitive to be skeptical. Those claims need to be investigated, users need to provide proof.

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I find it highly unlickely or extremely suspicious. When your money is stolen from you, you want it back. Faith in the project has nothing to do with it. I find it suspicious that recent claims have be made by completely new signups

Perhaps, we should let people speak for themselves!

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I do not. When you loose your funds you try to investigate the matter. Signing to an official Cardano forum and posting your problem is the most logical thing to do.

Did I prevent anyone from doing that? I’m listening.

I’ve already seen people who lost their ADA claim they lost interest in the project.

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“Cryptocurrencies are a bind of politics, social science as much as they are computer science.” C.H

I like this quote from Charles, I feel it applies here. I’m a skeptic at heart, I think the claims themselves need to be examined first. You never know, it could be someone trying to spread FUD, it could be a scam in itself trying to elicit donations. Data must be collected and verified, then we can move on to a logical next step.


This is a good point. I wonder if there were any forensics done on specific computers to see if any of the claimed loss of Ada could be confirmed.

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It could be anything. Doesn’t change the fact that introducing another layer of security would cross out a lot of what it couldn’t be.

So far I’ve only seen people willingly share whatever information they could. I didn’t see anyone collecting the data and implementing solutions.

If Cardano continues such approach, nothing will change. Those who are slow to act - loose.

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How would you be able to see that? :grin:

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Introducing another layer of security would stop people from downloading unofficial/ fraudulent wallets and sending funds to them?

Again let’s see what the problem is first…

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Was this a pivot? What are you Kellyanne Conway?

Are you seriously asking that? By Cardano developers showing their interest. I start to suspect you guys have no idea about PR and lfie reality of regular people.

You know I’m starting to get tired of explaining simple things over and over again. I think engaging in this community is a waste of time for me. It’s like talking to a wall.

If Cardano doesn’t introduce solutions for general public you’ll watch it being replaced by a better project supported by tech giants that will steal all the best ideas of Cardano but tailor it better for a regular users.

I’m done with this topic.

I have no idea what you’re referring to.

lets break this down logically then shall we

I believe @RobJF is referring to support tickets, you wouldn’t be able to see those.

Are we asking rhetorical questions?

You would be able to see the collection of data and implementation of solutions by Cardano developers showing their interest? (there’s a breakdown of logic somewhere in there)

Im just gonna label this “Kellyanne Conway”

Those are “your” issues, lets not make them “our” problem

Solutions to what? what are you referring to exactly? the unsubstantiated/ unverified claims thus far? “The problems” need to be first verified then identified and then you can start talking about “solutions.”

It’s all open source, Cardano doesn’t have any original/patented ideas. In fact Cardano is the one taking all the best ideas from everywhere…its not the “best ideas” that make Cardano great…its peer review… formal/ semiformal verification…its the science first driven approach…its doing things the right way instead of the easy way…if tech giants want to emulate this approach, by all means…it’ll be a better world for everyone. One more thing :point_up: and this one is the big one…Cardano is a third generation cryptocurrency, dApp and smart contract building platform…“d” in “dApp” stands for “decentralized.” When you say big tech companies will come in and support creation of a better “decentralized” platform that will outcompete Cardano, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

that will come, down the line… we’re laying down cables now, Cardano will be the one contracting those “tech giants" through treasury system to get those things done

When I say “Pivot” and Kellyanne Conway I’m referring to this


Exactly. Who would want to use crypto if there is a chance of losing everything without a chance of recovery.

Another rhetorical question? Same people that use it now. There are varying degrees of responsibilitie here, being in control of your own identity/your own money gives you power…but power comes with responsibility. You are responsible for your own education and safety. If there’s a hack here or a problem with the protocol (which there isn’t) then that’s something else entirely. It’s important to identify the issue before we start attacking it, if the issue is user education then that’s where we should put our focus. Hardware wallet support is available, ledger is around the corner. Don’t leave your funds on the exchange, do not download unofficial wallets, do not share your spending password, keep your recovery phrases safe and off your computer. Still claims of lost/stolen :ada: must be verified.


I lost my ADA when I downloaded the new Daedalus…I tried everything they told me and yes! I downloade Yoroi. But, thank you for trying to help.

I was one of those who tried to help you, and from what you said, it looked like you just gave up on it. As one of the last posts in that thread said, “so much confusion”. And no resolution.

Rhetorical question? I don’t think so. What makes you think you’re in control of your money? Let’s use this example.

  1. I have one thousand dollars in my wallet. You have one thousand dollars in crypto. Your wallet has been updated and the update contains a bug which does not allow you to acces it. The result, you do not have access to your funds while I do. Your responsibility lies on the hopes that an update does not constrain bugs to access your funds. My cash is in my wallet and anyone that wants to take it has to deal with me directly. That’s not going to be easy in any way.

That line with power comes responsibility sounds like something straight out of a Stan Lee movie. Really? What is your point about education and safety? You’re also resposible for waking up, taking care of your teeth, and wiping after you use the #2. So what’s your point?

No one is attacking anything. I am pointing out facts. Is it a fact that if you lose your seed, you cannot recover your money? Yes or No? Is it true that if you lose your account number at a bank, that you can get that account number from customer support and then have access to your funds with ID of course? Is it true that if someone acquires your seed, they have full access to all of your crypto and can take all of your funds? That is a yes or no question. Is it true that if someone has your bank account number and ABA routing alone that it is not sufficient to transfer all of your funds out?

As for downloading wallets…when is the last time you had to update your ATM card to get funds out? And yet you will have to update your wallet from time to time. Ever had to worry about a keystroke logger on your wallet? Nope. Will you likely have to get a software update because the OS on your computer which holds your funds? Likely.

Claims of stolen ADA need verification? What are you talking about? Even if they are stolen you cannot get it back. How do you plan on getting it back. Please do tell.

Don’t get upset because I’m telling you the facts. The facts are simple, there is no compelling reason yet to use crypto other than being able to take more than 10k out of the US and bypassing the law. What other case that cannot be handled by existing software or fiat? Instant payment with low fees…yea PayPal has low fees, same bank transfers are instaneous and free for me, I have 24 hour phone support, fraudulent transactions can be reversed, and the list goes on and on. Consider this, even if it is an astronomical long shot, and a person happens to guess your seed. They can take everything you own. Would you agree?

I keep my funds in my bank without worry. I imagine you do to a degree as well. Here’s what I’m hearing from you.

  1. Dont keep your money in an exchange. Keep it in a hardware wallet which by the way requires a computer to access and transfer money to and from it. That requires an internet connection. make sure you’re on a secure network by the way so you might want to consider a vpn. Your hardware wallet might not be waterproof so if that goes bad, you’ll have to buy another…thats about a hundred bucks. Make sure youre wallet is OEM cause someone can mess with it and steal your seed. Also, makes sure there are no keyloggers on your computer…oh you have anti virus…some wallets run slower with block syncing if you have firewalls and antivirus installed…in some cases they dont even work. Oh…your in a location where there is no internet connection…youre camping you say. Well youre SOL. Something is wrong with your hardware wallet, computer, software wallet? Check on the forum, email the manufacturer, contact your computer maker. Oh you dont want to share your computer via a remote connection? You’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the wallet. Have fun resending. Your funds aren’t available until the sync is complete and the wallet is restored. Oh its on your phone you say…screen cracked and you dont want to give them your phone for repair until you delete the wallet…thats fine, delete it and reinstall it, while you dont have your mobile wallet, you wont have access to your cash…unless you have a second phone. Also if youre going to download the app, make sure you download the official wallet. Oh you see other wallets…those aren’t official…what’s the use having open source so that developers can create wallets if I’m being steered to use the official wallet you say…well you can check their code and determine if their wallet is secure. Oh wait you’re not a coder and dont know Haskell, C++, assembly, Solidity, Java…well there are people who have reviewed it. you can trust them. What do you mean you dont know them? What do you mean if there is a bug in the code, will they refund you if your funds are stolen from a vulnerability? You’re worried about all of that…Don’t you see there is nothing to worry about because it is so convenient. And you have sole responsibility to ensure your money is there. We are not responsible for any funds lost if there is a bug in the code.

What a load of garbage.

There are use cases for crypto to a degree. But, many of these use cases can be done by existing software and services that provide more security. Do you honestly believe that this will drive consumer adoption? It will not. You are like me and are hodling with the hope that there will be a gain once the donor pool grows. Everyone in this is looking to profit one way or another. I’m open about. I trade on it. I look at the use cases and dont fall in love with it because I think its great. I trade on its greatness and know when to exit.

That I am responsible for.


First of all I want to thank you for your response. You’ve taken time to write, and its more than most people would do. Your response is very intelligent and straightforward.

You’re actually right. Existing financial systems are very good at what they do and full scale adoption in developed countries is unlikely.

Crypto will find its adoption in emerging markets/ developing countries. That’s why Cardano is focusing on Africa. Aiming to become the financial stack for counties like Mongolia, Ethiopia, Uganda…counties with trillions of dollars of locked up resources. These are not poor counties, they’re just mismanaged.
Crypto is for people that are excluded out of the existing financial systems, the unbanked or unbankable, that’s about third of the world. That’s where crypto will find its adoption.

Charles has foreseen this and aimed the project, it’s efforts and resources where it would make the most impact.

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