Recovery sevice ADA


Ladies and Gentlemen.
Japanese and Koreans invested a lot in the ADA. Some people have found the ADA, but there are many who have not. The Cardano Foundation and IOHK said they would proceed after listing the recovery service, but it is still no news. If you have not heard about the recovery service or have not found the ADA, please contact them. we can not stand still now.

Many people who have participated in the iCo have not found the ADA yet.
But there is still no answer.

What do you mean by ‘have found the ADA’? ADAs stolen previously and now all recovered?

I think this means recovering Ada from the redeem addresses that were used before the main net went live.


Thank @erikd. That’s a different aspect. So recovery is for whom joined the ICO.

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The exact issue is not clear from your post.

  1. Did they lose they key needed for redeeming their ADA in the Daedalus wallet?
  2. Do they have the key, but can’t get the redemption process in Daedalus to work?
  • Who are these people, do they hang out in the Japanse and Korean section? Are you having the problem as well?
  • Did you go through the steps at with the green Redemption tag?
  • Did you contact email support, available at the bottom of the Daedalus FAQ page? What was their response?

Be aware that there may be redemption related scams going on. Don’t hand out sensitive data to anyone.

Do not send sensitive information such as your redemption key. IOHK will never ask you for such information.

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Many people who have participated in the iCo have not found the ADA yet. But there is still no answer.

Well we needa little more information in order to help. What have the tried? Why did it not work?

  1. The “cert.pdf.enc” file can not be opened and decrypted.
  2. The window 64bit in the ada redemption certificate of the mail that you send is not opened. I think it is because the period has passed.
  3. So we can not get 9 passwords.

We waited too long. One year is over. Why is there no news in Cardano?

I’m not familiar with redemption, so it’d be best if you contacted official support using the Click Here for Email Support button on the Daedalus FAQ page.

@maki.mukai Should this process still work?

We sent an email but the answer is still up. The Japanese team said they were preparing, but there is still no answer. Nowadays, no mail is coming. How should we prepare? We waited at the station to wait. Too much time has passed.