Recovery Service


Ladies and Gentlemen。
Japanese and Koreans invested a lot in the ADA。 Some people have found the ADA、but there are many who have not。 The Cardano Foundation and IOHK said they would proceed after listing the recovery service、but it is still no news。 If you have not heard about the recovery service or have not found the ADA、please contact them。 we can not stand still now。

Many people who have participated in the iCo have not found the ADA yet。
But there is still no answer。

1.The “cert.pdf.enc” file can not be opened and decrypted.
2.The window 64bit in the ada redemption certificate of the mail that you send is not opened. I think it is because the period has passed.
3.So we can not get 9 passwords.

We waited too long. One year is over. Why is there no news in Cardano?

We sent an email but the answer is still up. The Japanese team said they were preparing, but there is still no answer. Nowadays, no mail is coming. How should we prepare? We waited at the station to wait. Too much time has passed.

Hello @Daepyo

Have you used the recovery service contact form:

They will help you recover any lost or broken Ada redemption certificates.

Thank you!