Where is Cardano Recovery Service website? It's been over a year. [ HELP ]

The Team has said that it will release the recovery service within a year, we have waited too long! I have not been able to retrieve my cardano from the initial wallet that was sent during the presale. I have invested alot of time and money into this. I am reaching my boiling point. I contacted support support@cardano-recovery.zendesk.com but no help. Its like I am speaking a foreign alien language to them. We want answers, and we want them now.

I will not hesitate to invest into a class auction lawsuit. there are many others I’ve seen posts from.

Just to clarify, I did contact inquiry-form.cardano-recovery.com (support@cardano-recovery.zendesk.com)

I’m sorry but I don’t think anyone here knows anything about this. The issue has come up before and it seems the Cardano people who are on the forum joined the organisation after the presale. And of course the rest of us ordinary guys know nothing. You need to contact Cardano Foundation or IOHK directly. Or tackle Charles on Twitter. Or find a journalist who would take an interest in the issue. Twitter might be your best bet, especially if you can get others to join in with you.

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@jonmoss @tom.kelly can you help this guy out?

@Andy_Hendrikx thanks for flagging, I have flagged this to IOHK they maybe able to help. CF unfortunately can’t.



We are still waiting for an formal answer from cardano team.

Lawyers are on standby.

Hi @Mikima,
Can you describe the problem with a little more detail please? Are you having trouble redeeming a printed voucher in the Daedalus wallet?


Rick, it’s about the presale, there’s no way anyone here can help him, he’d be wasting his time.


Ok thank you Rob.

I am not alone in this, we need official answers. Why is the Team silent on this?


me too fuck bro OTL

I’ve brought this up internally. Let me see what i can do for you.

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Hi @11111107 and @Mikima please refer to these article:

If that does not work, try opening a support ticket again.

I am Korean. I am not good at English. Please help me.
I only have the receipt that I bought in the beginning so I don’t have the receipt for the vending machine.

2019년 7월 24일 (수) 오후 7:52, Andy Hendrikx via Cardano Forum cardano@discoursemail.com님이 작성:

hi bro First of all, I am not good at English because it is in Korea. I only have an Aida receipt. I have an automatic sales but it is from the past. I did what you sent me, but I can’t proceed without a certificate. Can I help you?


No worries. Your English is good enough for me to understand.

I will see what i can do in the meantime, but it can take some time.

Thanks for your patience!

Thank you so much. I felt like I saw a ray of hope when there was really no one here.