Ada coin recovery


Seems that I trusted an apple product to much. After systemcrash, I tried to recover everything with timemachine, didn’t worked for my wallet. Please, never do that for the safety of your coins. :slight_smile:

Recovered my wallet over the 12 word phrase, but my coins didn’t show up. Then I tried to recover it over the menu “Ada redemption -> Force vended”. Seemes that one of the fields are wrong. Sometimes the program decrypt the certificate into the pdf format, but I can’t open this because file is damaged or if I load this pdf into the programm, it crashes.

Is there a way, to send this certificate, and all i need, a second time to my emailaddress or is there another way to recover my coins?

If someone can help, send me your public key and I will send you a little gift.




Put your address into this to see if the coins are in the block chain

Hi Adaholder

Yes Coins are on the old address, found it in the logfiles, but it changed after recovery. Seems that without encrypting of this certificate, coins are gone.

Tried to only copy the application and the Daedalus Folder in User/Library/Application Support, Seems that the programm miss something. Are there some other folders somewhere In the time machine backup, which are needed for this programm?

I thought that the wallet was an online wallet, doing the 12 word restore should have provided you with your entire wallet back (I think)

Have you just left the wallet running for a while in the background to see if the transactions sync to your new recovered machine?

Have you also tried deleting Daedalus and reinstalling again. This should be safe according to the Daedalus FAQ, see near the bottom of the list in the link below. Hope this helps


Yes, let it run over the hole night. It stucks in the blue loading screen “Connecting to the Network”. After a while it should normally start to synchronise some blocks. Seems that other people have also problems with that. (Cardanuhub) Connecting to network Issue.

Which datas are exactly logged? Also the hole security certificates and 12 word phrase?

I think your database got corrupted. You will need to delete the db1.0 file and restart. Daedalus support can help. Also, the seed is used in the add wallet, then restore option.

Jeremy, your my hero. My Coins are back :star_struck:. I only had to remove the DB 1 folder and synchronice again.

Could you send me your Ada Address? Send some coins is the least, I can do for you.


I wonder if we can get an easy Ada Address copy and paste tool.

Thanks for the offer but it’s my job.

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lol How would you tip me? I didn’t give you an address?

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This is gold. :joy:

After rereading your post, I feel you might be very lost.

After installing daedalus, downloading the blockchain, you will be asked to create a wallet. You must keep the seed (12 words). Then, unless you were in the sale, you will not need the vending tabs. You must get Ada from the market or a friend. Daedalus should also have a number greater than 1 for a version number.

Hi io_jeremy, there is this guy called Io_jeremy, he sended me his ada number instead of you :grinning:, this rascal. Bad for him, I was so nervous that I copy pasted something wrong.

What I am wondering is, that this wrong transaction is still pending and I can’t move any coins out of my wallet till this transaction finally get cancelled. How long do I have to wait for that?

There is no way to send a transaction wrong. The address bar only takes proper addresses. It would stop you otherwise. Then, if you put in a number too small or more than you have, it won’t let you send. Can you share txid of the transaction. Click the transaction, it should open up, then find the txid.

I’m waiting since 5 December


Does anyone know what I should do to finalized this transaction? It’s still pending.

Переустановил кошелек и не стало монет ADA,как их вернуть?

Добрый день. Создайте, пожалуйста отдельную тему в разделе “Community Technical Support” и опишите там, что именно переустанавливали, как переустанавливвали, какая операционная система, как восстанавливали кошелёк. Попробуем помочь. Можно на русском. Главное секретные слова не пишите ни при каких обстоятельствах